Because Of Him

Two Bestfriends who sing on YouTube and get discovered by the one and only Simon Cowell
What will happen when they go on tour with One Direction?



“Hey” we replied
She smiled and she motioned us to walk with her
“So, first we’ll work on your style and everything like that” she said
She walked into the room were we got our make-up done and we stayed and talked for an hour.
“Now, how do you feel about getting your hair dyed? Not now though, but later after the concert?” she asked
Bree and I shrugged
“Great” she said while clapping her hands together
We stood there and then all of a sudden we heard screams
Bree and I looked at each other and walked to where the screams were coming from
We ended up at the side of the stage
The boys were standing on the stage talking to all their fans
“Ok, so we’re going to sing Live While We’re Young first, then we have a surprise guest who will perform” Liam said into the microphone
They sang LWWY and the ground went crazy
“Now for that special guest Liam was talking about” Louis said
People wearing headphones and mics came over to Bree and I and handed us microphones
“Now please welcome, Bree and Zara” they all yelled into their mics
We walked out on the stage
I stood next to Niall and Harry and Bree stood next to Harry
“Bree and Zara will be touring with us, and if you don’t know who they are well, they sang on YouTube but now they’re signed and yeah, they are amazing singers” Harry said
“And now we’re going to sing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” Bree said
The crowd gave applause and the music started

When we finished the song the crowd went crazy
We smiled and said ‘thank you’ and the boys came running out and hugged us
As they let go Niall said into the mic
“Zara and Bree everyone”
We smiled and waved and walked off the stage
Poppy ran up to us and hugged us
“That was amazing, now let’s go dye your hair” she said dragging us to the make-up room

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