Because Of Him

Two Bestfriends who sing on YouTube and get discovered by the one and only Simon Cowell
What will happen when they go on tour with One Direction?



“Ok girls this is what you’ll be wearing tonight for the concert, so go put them on and I’ll do your make-up” our stylists said as she handed Bree and I our clothes
“Wait make-up?” I asked
She nodded
“But don’t worry it’s not a lot”
I nodded and Bree and I walked off to get changed

We came out wearing our outfits
“Wow, they know how we like to dress” I said
“Yeah” Bree replied
“Ok, you’re ready, now your make-up, sit” the stylist said as she pointed to the chairs
Bree and I sat down and another lady came in and she did my make-up
When they were done we walked over near the stage and the boys were doing a sound check, singing Over Again
“So we can start it all over again” Harry sung into the microphone
I clapped as they finished and they all looked at me
I stopped and they motioned us over
We walked over to them and they told us when we’ll be going on
“So, what song will you sing?” Zayn asked
Bree and I looked at each other and shrugged
They looked at us and shook their heads
“We’ll find one” Bree said
I nodded and we went to our own little groups
I was talking to Bree, Liam, Zayn and Niall
“People say we shouldn’t be together, too young to know about forever, I say they don’t know what their talk-talk-talk-talking about” Liam randomly started to sing his line from They Don’t Know About Us to Bree
Bree smiled
“That’s a good lyric, you should put it in a song” she said
I face palmed and the boys laughed
“That’s a lyric to our song They Don’t Know About Us” Zayn said between laughs
Bree ‘Ohhh’ed’ and someone spoke over the loud speaker
The boys walked off the stage and watched from the side
“That’s what song we’re singing” Bree said
I rolled my eyes and the music stared
We started to sing and I looked at the boys and their jaws were wide open, in shock
I rolled my eyes and we sung the rest of the song
“Getting back together” Bree and I sung in unison as the song ended
There was clapping and we turned to see the boys, Simon and some other lady who looked to be in her twenties
Simon walked towards us with the lady
“Girls, this is Poppy Jinx, She’s your manager”
She smiled at us
“Hey girls”

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