Because Of Him

Two Bestfriends who sing on YouTube and get discovered by the one and only Simon Cowell
What will happen when they go on tour with One Direction?



The plane landed and we got on the tour buses
“Why do they have the tour buses here?” I asked
“Because if we kept it in front of the boy’s apartment the fans would be surrounding them” he replied
I nodded
“The beds are so small” Bree said from the beds
I laughed
“Wait, Simon what’s the point of having a tour bus if we’ll be going to the states?”
“Because we’ll need them for the UK”
“Oh” I said
The bus driver told us to sit down while we drove to the boy’s apartment
“Hey Simon, would we be allowed to get a tattoo-” Bree started
“You’re not getting a tattoo” he said
“Because I said no”
Bree stuck her tongue out at him
“Yes mother” she said sarcastically
We got to the apartment and Simon told us to stay on the bus
We mumbled yes and a few seconds’ later 5 boys came running in the bus
“I SHOTS THE TOP BUNK” someone yelled that sounded like Louis
“NO LOUIS I SAID I WANTED THE TOP BUNK” that sounded like Niall
All the boys ran past us, than they stopped and looked at us
“Hi I’m Harry” he said as he waved
I looked at him
“I know who you are” I said with a laugh
“Oh my god you can talk to them” Bree teased
I rolled my eyes
They all looked at us confused
“There you are”
We looked at the door and Simon was standing there
“Boys, this is Zara and Bree, They’re going on tour with you”
We smiled and waved
“Well we’re One-” they got cut off by Bree
“We know who you are” she said bluntly
I giggled
And they looked at me
“Well you guys can’t have top bunk cause I already shot gunned it” I said
Louis and Niall stared at me
I stuck my tongue out at them and walked to my bed
“Really? You just met her” I heard Bree say
I turned around
“Harry was checking you out” she said as she walked towards me
All the boys but harry burst out laughing
“Don’t try anything Styles” I said and turned around

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