Because Of Him

Two Bestfriends who sing on YouTube and get discovered by the one and only Simon Cowell
What will happen when they go on tour with One Direction?



I got up and got dressed for school
“Bree wake up” I walked into Bree’s room
“I am awake” she said putting on her shoes
“Well let’s start walking”
We said our good byes to my mum since we won’t see her before we go on the plane
We walked out the door
“I can’t believe we’re getting signed” Bree said
I smiled but then it faded
“What will I say to Elliot?”
Bree shrugged
“Why don’t you just break it off with him?”
I glared at her
“No” I said
She shrugged and we got closer to school
As we got to school, I saw my boyfriend
“Hey babe” Elliot said
I smiled
We hugged
I looked over at Bree, she mouthed ‘tell him’
I nodded
“Um Elliot”
He looked at me
“Bree and I are getting signed, and we get to go on tour”
He smiled
“You’re getting signed” he hugged me
But then he let go
“On tour? What do you mean?” he asked
I sighed
“We’re going on tour with One Direction and we’re touring around the US and UK”
I looked in his eyes and they were full of sadness and a little bit of anger
“They better not touch you in any way or I’ll kick there a-”
“I know you would”
We both laughed and walked to class.

As the bell rang to go home we said good bye to all our friends and we walked home
“When is Simon picking us up?” Bree asked
I shrugged and the doorbell rang
“Now I guess”
We opened the door and it was Simon
“You girls ready?”
We nodded and we put our stuff in the cars
We got in the car
“Are you excited?” he asked
Bree shrugged
“We’re meeting One Direction, I’m amazed I can even talk right now” I said
Bree laughed
“You still have a long flight till you actually meet them” she said
We stayed quiet for the rest of the car ride
We got to the airport and got on the plane
“Don’t worry girls if you sleep for the plane ride it’ll go fast” Simon said
We nodded and I listened to my IPod for most of the plane ride
Then I fell asleep for the rest of the ride.

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