Because Of Him

Two Bestfriends who sing on YouTube and get discovered by the one and only Simon Cowell
What will happen when they go on tour with One Direction?



  I froze when I saw who was at the door
Am I seeing things?
I poked his cheek
He looked at me weird
“It’s really you” I said
My eyes widened
“It’s really you”
He laughed and said
“Hello Kylie Anderson”
I turned around and saw my mum walking down the hallway
“Hey Simon” she said
Ok now I’m confused
”Zara, go do something in your room” I nodded and walked to my room
“Bree you will not believe who was at the door”
She looked up from her IPod
“It was that bible guy again wasn’t it” she said disappointed
I laughed
“No, it was Simon Cowell” I said
She looked back at her IPod
“Ha. Ha you’re funny” she said sarcastically
I shook my head
“I’m serious”
She ignored me and just looked at her IPod
I rolled my eyes
“Fine, but don’t blame me if you missed out on meeting a person as big as him” I said
She glared at me, but her glared turned into shock
She put her hand over her mouth
I turned around and saw Simon standing at my door
I looked back at Bree
“Told you”
Simon chuckled
“Your mum wants you two in the kitchen”
I nodded and Simon walked off
I turned and looked at Bree who was freaking out
I rolled my eyes and pulled her out of my room
We walked in the kitchen and Simon was sitting with my mum
“Girls Simon wants to ask you something” mum said
My heart beat sped up
“Yeah?” Bree and I said in unison
“Well, I’ve seen your clips on YouTube and I thought you were excellent singers and I was wondering if you would like to be signed?”
Our jaws dropped
We looked at each other
“We would love to be signed” Bree said
Simon smiled
“Well we have a lot to talk about”
We nodded
And Simon started to tell us about our first concert
“Now the boys from One Direction are on tour soon and I was thinking you could go on tour with them, and it would give you a popularity boost”
We nodded and my mum, Bree and i had to sign papers.
“And tomorrow afternoon you will be flying over to the UK, and the tour starts in the UK and ends in the US, ok?”
We nodded again
“But they have school tomorrow” my mum said
“Well they can go and say good bye to their friends and after school they can get their stuff and we’ll leave” Simon said
We all nodded
“Let’s go pack” I said
Bree and I got up
“Wait, so Zara plays guitar and Bree play a little bit of the drums and you both write songs?” Simon asked
“Yeah” Bree and I said in unison
Simon nodded and we walked to our rooms and got packing

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