Because Of Him

Two Bestfriends who sing on YouTube and get discovered by the one and only Simon Cowell
What will happen when they go on tour with One Direction?



After Bree and I logged off, we went to the lunge room and put on Hostel part 1 “Yes, I love this movie” Bree said excited AFTER MOVIE “Now I’m bored” Bree complained I looked around and saw my IPod I picked it up and put it on the IPod dock “What are you doing?” Bree asked I looked at her “Let’s put on Bangarang” I said She smiled “Our shuffling song” she said excited I nodded and put the song on As soon as it started we started to shuffle We got half way through the song when the door opened “Girls turn that off we’re going to the park” mum said We turned it off and got in the car AT THE PARK “Ew that kid picked his nose and wiped it on the swing” Bree complained I laughed “That’s gross” I said Bree nodded We walked around “Let’s go get food” I said We told my mum and walked to the Ice-Cream shop “Chocolate please” I said to the lady She put the ice-cream on the cone “And for you?” she asked looking at Bree “Um rainbow” she answered The lady put the rainbow ice-cream on the cone. “Thanks” I said and we walked out “Where do you want to go?” Bree asked I shrugged and we started to walk As we were walking towards the park I tripped over my feet and the ice-cream fell on the ground I looked at it “Awwww” I said sadly I looked at Bree and she burst out laughing “Not funny” I said as I ate the cone We walked over to my mum who was talking to my aunty They smiled “Are you going to say happy birthday to your little cousin Zara?” my aunty asked I shrugged “Go” my mum said Bree and I walked over to my cousin “Hello ruby” i said She looked at me and ran over and hugged me “How old are you today?” I asked She held up four fingers “Four?” She nodded I smiled and put her down “Zara, Bree, we’re going” mum yelled We got to the car and went home HOME “What’s for dinner?” I asked “It’s 4 o’clock” Bree said I shrugged “Fine, I’ll go in my room” I said as I walked to my room “BREE, COME CHOOSE A SONG FOR US TO SING” I yelled out She came running into my room “Ok you choose and I’ll be back” Bree nodded and I walked down the hallway I got near the kitchen and the doorbell rang “I’LL GET IT” I yelled I walked to the door and opened it
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