Because Of Him

Two Bestfriends who sing on YouTube and get discovered by the one and only Simon Cowell
What will happen when they go on tour with One Direction?



Damn it

it's one of those people who come around talking about the bible and how the internet is bad for us teens

"Are mum or dad home?" the guy asked

"Nope" i answered

he handed me a piece of paper

"Well if you could give this to them or you could read it, it would be appreciated" he said

"Sure" i said sarcastically

He smiled and i shut the door

"Yeah right" I mumbled and crunching the piece of paper up and throwing it

I walked into the kitchen and Bree was there setting up the laptop for recording our song today

"Come on, I've got it set up" she said

I walked over and we got our voices ready

Bree started the music

"You think i'm pretty

Without any make-up on

You think I'm funny when I tell the

Punch line wrong

I know you get me

So I let my walls come down, down

Before you me me I was alright

But things were kinda heavy

You brought me to life,

Now every February

You'll be my Valentine, Valentine" Bree started


"Let's go all the way tonight

No regrets, just love

We can dance until we die

You and I, we'll be young forever

You make me

Feel like I'm living a

Teenage dream

The way you turn me on

I can't sleep

Let's run away and

Don't ever look back

Don't ever look back

My heart stops

When you look at me

Just one touch

"Niw baby I believe

This is real

So take a chance

And son't ever look back

Don't ever look back" we sung together


"We drove to Cali and got drunk

On the beach

Got a motel and built a fort

Out of sheets

I finally found you,

My missing puzzle piece

I'm complete" I sung


We sang the rest of the song


We put it on YouTube

After a few minutes we were getting a lot of comments saying 'Love It' and 'Sing More!!'

We smiled and Bree spoke up

"Hey the dude that asked us to sing the song commented"

sh pointed to the comment and i read it out loud

"That was amazing, you two are great singers"

I raised and eyebrow

"He sounds stalker-ish" Bree said

I laughed





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