Because Of Him

Two Bestfriends who sing on YouTube and get discovered by the one and only Simon Cowell
What will happen when they go on tour with One Direction?


13. CHAPTER 13

Bree and I were sitting watching TV when the phone rang
We looked at each other
“You get it” we said in unison
We both glared at each other and the phone stopped ringing
We shrugged then my phone rang
Bree laughed and I got up and answered my phone
“Hey Zara, its Niall, we’re going to pick you up soon so you might want to get ready”
“And wear your swimmers under your clothes”
“Um, ok”
“Ok bye”
“Bye Niall”
I hung up
“Bree go get in your togs”
“Cause we have to” I said bluntly
She nodded and went in her room
I went in mine and got in my togs
I came out and Bree was ready

I was wearing a purple bikini and Bree was wearing a blue bikini
“where are they taking us?” I ask
Bree shrugged
“I don’t really care” she said
I rolled my eyes
There was a knock at the door
I answered the door
It was Niall and Liam
“hey guys” I said
Niall looked at me up and down, Liam nudged him with his elbow
“Well, are you ready?” they asked in unison. They laughed
I nodded and Bree came to the door
“I’m guessing we’re going?” she asked
“Yes we are” Liam said
We walked out to see no cars
“Where are we going?” I asked
“It’s a secret, but we have to walk” Niall said
“Well we’re probably going to the beach if we have to wear swimmers” Bree stated
Liam and Niall looked at each other and Niall laughed
“We didn’t hide it that well did we?” Liam said
“No” Bree said
We started to walk to the beach and realised it was only a block away from the hotel
“And here it is” They said gesturing to the beach
Zayn, Louis and Harry were sitting in the sand with food next to them
“WE ARE HERE” Niall shouted
They turned around and Harry ran up to us
He hugged me and Bree and pulled us down to where they were sitting
I turned around and saw Liam and Niall whispering, then They both ran off
I turned back around and Louis and Zayn were running into the water
“Do you two want to come in?” Harry asked
Bree shook her head
“Nah, I’ll wait” I said
He ran to the water and Bree gave me the “I know” look
“What?” I asked
“You’re waiting for Niall aren’t you”
My eyes widened
“Ha, you are” she teased
“Just don’t say anything” I said
She nodded
“Don’t worry I won’t”
Thanks” I said
“Not yet anyway”
I glared at her and she laughed.
Bree and I were sitting and talking, when someone poured something on my head
I looked down and saw it dripping on my legs
I looked up at Bree who also had something poured over her head by Liam
I turned around to see Niall holding paint tin
“I’m going to kill you” I said
I got up and Niall ran
I ran after him and he stopped to turn around
As he turned I jumped on him
We both fell to the ground and burst out laughing
“Now I have paint on me” he said after laughing
I sat up
“That’s what you get for putting paint on me” I said
He sat up
“Well at least I got a hug, in a way” he said
“Niall you just have to ask for a hug and I’ll give you one anyway”
He looked at me and smiled
“Can I have a hug?”
I laughed and gave him a hug
“Wait, where’s Liam and Bree?” I asked
Niall and I looked around
“Wait, is that them?” I said pointing at two people
Niall and I got up and walked over to them
As we got closer we saw it was Bree putting the rest of the paint on Liam
“Really Bree?” I ask
She looked at me
“Why has Niall covered in paint?” she asked
I looked at Niall and he was smiling
“No the important question is why are you putting the rest of the paint on Liam?”
“He put paint on me” she exclaimed
I laughed and Niall whispered in my ear
“Let’s go for a swim to wash the paint off”
I nodded and I took off my shirts and pants so I was in my swimmers
We ran into the water
“You know, we never finished that 20 questions” Niall said
“Ok, me first, Favourite concert you’ve performed this year?”
Niall put on a thinking face
“Probably the one when it was you and Bree’s first time performing with us, that was pretty fun”
I smiled and someone grabbed my waist
I squealed
“You should come back to our hotel with us” a voice that sounded like Harry whispered in my ear
“Harry let me go” I said
“But will you?” he asked
I gave Niall the ‘help me’ look
He nodded and swam over
“Harry let her go please” Harry must have looked at Niall because he let go
“Thank you Niall” I said as Harry swam off
He opened his arms
“Do I get a hug?”
I laughed and hugged him
”BOY’S AND ZARA, WE HAVE TO GO NOW” Liam yelled from the shore
We swam back to the shore
“Niall and I will walk Bree and Zara back to their hotel and we’ll meet you boys at our hotel ok?” Liam said
We all nodded but Bree
“We’re big enough to walk by ourselves” she said
I glared at her
“Fine they can walk us to the hotel” she said
I smiled and they walked us back
Liam walked Bree inside and Niall and I stayed outside the door
“Soo, Have fun tonight?” Niall asked
I nodded
“Well night?”
“Yeah I guess” I said
“Oh my god just hug already” Bree said through the door
“You’re spying on us?” I said
It went quiet
I laughed and hugged Niall
“Finally, now we can go” Liam said as he opened the door
Liam awkwardly hugged Bree and dragged Niall away
“Did you and Niall have fun” Bree teased
I glared at her
“Just shut up and go to bed” I said walking into my room.

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