Because Of Him

Two Bestfriends who sing on YouTube and get discovered by the one and only Simon Cowell
What will happen when they go on tour with One Direction?


12. CHAPTER 12

“What if she wakes up?” someone whispered, it sounded like Zayn

I kept my eyes shut

“Yeah Louis what is she does?” that time it sounded like harry

“Will you be quiet” Louis whispered

“You’re really drawing a moustache?” Zayn asked Louis ‘shhh’ed’ them

“You put that pen anywhere near me and I will kill you Louis” I said while opening my eyes

He groaned and harry and Zayn laughed I got up and Louis and Liam were sitting next to Bree who was sitting at the table

“I told you it wouldn’t work” she said to him I threw a shoe at her

“Hey!” she shouted

“Why didn’t you stop him” I shouted back

She smiled and shrugged I playfully glared at her

She threw the shoe back at me and I moved to dodge it

“Ow” I turned around and saw the shoe hit Niall Bree and I burst out laughing and Niall rolled his eyes

“I’m hungry, who wants to go get breakfast with me?” He asked

My hand shot up “I will I’m hungry too” I said jumping around

“Ok you can come, anyone else?” everyone mumbled their no’s and we walked out of the bus

We walked in an awkward silence

“So” I said breaking the silence

Niall put his hands in his pockets and stayed quiet I rolled my eyes

“Ok, let’s play 20 questions” Niall nodded

“You first” I said

“How long have you and your boyfriend been together?” he asked

“Wow, don’t hold back” I said sarcastically

He shrugged “Fine, um, about two years” I answered

He nodded

“Ok, do you have a girlfriend?” I asked

“No” he answered “Can you swim?”

“You are random with your questions and yes I can, I love the beach” I said

He nodded “Let’s get breakfast here” Niall said

We walked in and Niall ordered food for everyone and as soon as we got our food we left and walked back to the bus

For the rest of the day we had concerts and just hung out.

(I skipped the rest of the time they were in the UK because I didn’t know how to fill it up, but now Zara and Bree are getting more famous, now they’re in the US at there hotel)
“The US is so cool” Bree said sitting down on the couch
I agreed and sat on the couch
Then there was a knock at the door
I groaned
I got up and answered the door
“Hey um, we want to know if you and Bree would like to come to dinner with all of us” it was Niall
“NO I DON’T CARE” she yelled back
“yeah we’ll come” I said to Niall
He snickered and nodded
I shut the door and walked back over to the couch
“Where are we going?” Bree asked
“I don’t know” I said shrugging
She sighed
“Where’s Poppy?” I asked
“she’s doing some scheduling or something”
I nodded and walked towards the kitchen
“When is this dinner?” Bree asked
I stopped
“You didn’t ask did you?” Bree asked bluntly
I shook my head slowly
She rolled her eyes
“Eh they’ll come get us” she said not caring
I laughed
I walked to the fridge and opened it
“Bree, where’s all the food?”
She looked at me
“I don’t know, why?”
I groaned
“I’m going to kill Louis” I said through gritted teeth
Bree came over and looked in the fridge
“Where’s the food?” she asked
“Louis probably took it” I said walking towards the door
“Where are you going?” Bree asked
I’m going to kill Louis, you can come if you want” I answered
Bree put on her shoes and ran out the door
I ran after her and we knocked on the boys door
Liam opened it
“Hey Bree” he said
“Hi?” she said
“Hi Zara how are you, I’m great thanks Liam” I said having a sarcastic conversation with myself
They laughed and he let us in.
“Ok where’s Louis?” Bree asked
They shrugged and Louis came walking out of a bedroom
As soon as he saw us he turned around
“Louis” Bree and I said in unison
“LIAM LET’S GO LOOK FOR A PLACE FOR DINNER FOR TONIGHT” Niall yelled from where ever he was
Louis ran into the room and locked himself in there
“eh he can stay in there” Bree said
I nodded and we walked back to our room

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