Because Of Him

Two Bestfriends who sing on YouTube and get discovered by the one and only Simon Cowell
What will happen when they go on tour with One Direction?


11. CHAPTER 11

I sat down in the hallway away from everyone, playing my guitar
“Are you ok Zara?” I looked up to see Niall holding a water bottle
I nodded and he sat next to me
“You play guitar” he said looking at my guitar
He smiled
“I’m glad you smile and laugh a lot Niall”
He looked at me confused
I blushed
“Because it’s cute”
He blushed
I smiled and played a few strings on my guitar
Then my phone vibrated
I picked it up and looked at the caller ID
I looked at Niall
“Sorry it’s my boyfriend”
Niall’s face dropped
I answered my phone
I sat in the dressing room looking at my new blonde hair in the mirror
The door opened
It was Liam
“You dyed your hair” he said
I nodded
“You know, I like your hair before” he added
“So did I, but the sad thing is, I actually like this colour”
Liam nodded
“It looks cute-good um it looks good” he stuttered
I raised an eyebrow
“Thanks?” I said slowly
Liam’s face was red
I laughed and the door opened
“The guys are at the bus we have to go now” Niall said angrily
“Why are you so angry” I asked
“I’m not” he snapped
I glared at him
“What’s wrong Niall?” Liam asked
Niall shook him head
“Well where’s Zara?” I asked
He looked at me
“She’s talking to her boyfriend” he said
“Oh, I’ll go find her” I said
I walked out and saw her at the end of the hallway playing her guitar
“What did Elliot want?” I asked
She looked at me
“How did you know I was talking to him?”
“Niall told us, which by the way he didn’t seem too happy to know you had a boyfriend” I said
She rolled her eyes
“C’mon we have to go to the bus now”
I extended my arm to help her up and she took it
We walked to the bus and went to bed

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