Can We Start it All Over Again?

Audra Clark, the glamorous pop star, has made the front page of Scandal Magazine... Again. Her agent decides that's the end of the trouble, and sends Audra home, where awaits her is everything she ditched.... Including the boy who used to be her best friend, Harry. Audra's afraid Harry will hate her now. But Harry's not ready to forgot their amazing friendship that Audra left behind.


3. Plane Ride

I sat on the plane, flipping through an article in People about trends. I wished I had someone to brag to that I KNEW neon scarves would be wrapped around the neck of every celebrity after I wore one to see a movie last month, but I had nobody. Not even Lynn. Maybe I'd be able to chat with Kate. I doubted she'd even look at me after I called her a horizontally challenged witch. That was right before I left for fame. God.... I left a lot for fame. Kate, the bakery, Harry, Harry... Harry. Slooooooow down, Audra. Slow. Who's Harry? Harry Styles, ye tall, ye wide, killer green eyes, curly brown mane, cute as a button. Hilarious and cheeky, Harry was hard NOT to be best friends with. Practically lady meat, never had a girlfriend since I left and he broke up with his girlfriend Maya. I missed him like crazy, and everytime I brought him up wanting to visit him, Lynn said I'd probably outgrown him and things would be too awkward between us. In the beginning, we texted, called, wrote, Facebooked, Tweeted- anything to say hello and fill each other in; me on how fame was and him on what I was missing out on. His story was always most interesting to listen to. But after I started dating Jack and got in trouble a lot, everything stopped. The texting was scarce and everytime I called, he said he had plans. So can't you imagine I was a little shaky? It was a mix of excitement and nerves that made the butterflies dance. More nerve. What if Lynn was right? What if... What if Harry had a girlfriend? That'd be the hardest truth to face. The last time I spoke to Harry, I was just launched into fame, and I was still in my sweats and shades stage. Ew. There's a photo of me in a neon sweatsuit and Union Jack sunglasses. Can you imagine? He was going to see me for the first time in years fresh faced and petite skirted. Oh what a change. It's amazing what a nice facial every other day can do.
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