Can We Start it All Over Again?

Audra Clark, the glamorous pop star, has made the front page of Scandal Magazine... Again. Her agent decides that's the end of the trouble, and sends Audra home, where awaits her is everything she ditched.... Including the boy who used to be her best friend, Harry. Audra's afraid Harry will hate her now. But Harry's not ready to forgot their amazing friendship that Audra left behind.


2. Bye bye, London!

I flipped through the article again as I packed up my collection of Isra Dale perfumes. Isra Dale was a super amazing model from 1932, and all her perfumes had retrieved just for me. No one else in the world had them. Except for Isra Dale’s granddaughters, maybe. How could Lynn do this to me? My iPhone lit up with a text from my boyfriend, Jack. I tried to explain to him: I had my constants and my variables. He was a constant. Mack, for example, was a variable. Variables change. It was just a plain text saying: Hi, I’m breaking up with you. Jack was blunt. ‘Is this a joke?’ I typed at hyper-speed. No reply. I let it go. Who needs a boyfriend? I have my fans. They called themselves Audrites! I checked my Twitter account. Tweets flew in about my break from recording and touring. I typed up a Tweet: Just a new start, Audrites :D Confirmed: Jack and I broke up. Already, Tweet after Tweet poured into my feed. I turned off my phone and finished packing. Lynn stepped into the room. “Uhm, Audra, what’s this about you and Jack?” I snorted. “We’re over.” She stared at me. “But, uh, you ended it, right?” I paused. Break up with Jack, people think I left him for Mack. Jack breaks up with me, feeds right into the cheating story. Lynn wanted me to have ended it, to give me a chance to clear out my name. But all I wanted was to tick Lynn off. “No. He did.” I smiled. “Oh my God. Your flight leaves in ten minutes. Go, go, go!” I didn’t even finish packing, so I grabbed my Isra Dales and left, leaving all my designer bags, shoes and sunglasses behind, along with my beloved wardrobe. I waved bye to my glamorous London mansion and got into the limo.
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