Can We Start it All Over Again?

Audra Clark, the glamorous pop star, has made the front page of Scandal Magazine... Again. Her agent decides that's the end of the trouble, and sends Audra home, where awaits her is everything she ditched.... Including the boy who used to be her best friend, Harry. Audra's afraid Harry will hate her now. But Harry's not ready to forgot their amazing friendship that Audra left behind.


1. Just a Break

I stared at the picture on the cover of Scandal Mag. Weekly, my mouth in a bright red, twisted little smile. Sure, okay. According to them, this might've been like my third boyfriend since Monday, but I sure did get a heck of a lot more publicity. “Audra, you want to explain this to me?” Lynn, my agent, said to me. “Mkay, so, I went to Aurora's for a Coke-” “You?” Lynn interrupted me. “Went to a pub. And only got a Coke?” I rolled my eyes. “I mean, that was the plan. But then, this guy-” “Mack Willborskye?” I nodded. “Say no more. Audra, look. I've been speaking with Mrs. Milles...”
“You talked to Kate’s mom?!” I was bewildered. Kate was the girl I'd shared a home with since my parents died in a car accident. I was raised in New York for seven years, and when my parents died, I was shipped away, like a package. I really didn’t like Kate, but I guess I kind of had to. “Yes. Audra, we feel that with all the trouble you’ve been getting into... You should go back home.”
“Back home. As in... Holmes Chapel, home? Hah, next joke, please.” Lynn folded her hands in her lap. “This isn’t a joke.”
“Lynn, you’re asking me to cutoff my career because I got involved with some guy!”
“Your career isn’t over. Think of it as... A break, simply.”
“This isn’t fair!”
“Audra, your flight to Holmes Chapel leaves tomorrow at three.”
“Yeah? Well I’m not packing. Ha, ha, and ha.”
“You have people do that for you. You’re Audra Clark, remember! Ha, ha, and ha.”
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