I Wish

Faith finally gets to meet one direction! Will she finally get the boyfriend she has always wanted or will her sister's boyfriend get in the way when Maria finds them doing something Faith wishes she never did. Now the only thing to do is wish that her sister can forgive her and that Harry will she she isn't a cheater.


2. That beautiful voice!

-next morning

Faith's POV.

9:56 A.M

As soon as I woke up I could smell the bisquits and gravy very clearly, my mouth started watering. As I went downstairs, I could see Maria getting orange juice out of the fridge, and pouring it into three plastic cups. Why is there three? I walked to the corner and I creeped up behind her trying not to make a sound. "BOO!", I screamed at the top of my lungs. "AHH!", Maria shrieked like she'd just been burned by the stove. "Dude! You scared the crap out of me!" I laughed evily then took a plate and helped myself to the food. "So why are there three cups instead of just two?" "Um helloo, do you not remember my boyfriend, Sam?" I liked Sam, but there was just something about the way he flirted that just made me think of them breaking up somehow. "Oh yay!", I said sarcasticly. I got up took my plate and orange juice and I went up to my room before I could see Sam, his voice is really annoying and just way to high to be a guy's voice. I sat on my bed and got out my phone, I all of a sudden remember yesterday and dial a number as fast as my fingers can go. After the third ring, I heard a low sexy brittish voice.

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