I Wish

Faith finally gets to meet one direction! Will she finally get the boyfriend she has always wanted or will her sister's boyfriend get in the way when Maria finds them doing something Faith wishes she never did. Now the only thing to do is wish that her sister can forgive her and that Harry will she she isn't a cheater.


4. Getting ready

 Faith's POV

The next morning, I woke up to find Kenzie gone, bacon frying on the stove, and milk all over the counter. I go down, take the bacon off the stove, and throw it in the trash. It was perfectly good bacon too! I get paper towels and clean up the milk, get everything in order, and head back up to my room. I took the phone and decided to call Maria to help me pick out an outfit. As soon as she picked up the phone and yelled, "I have a date!" I was so shocked that I started screaming until finally, Maria told me we better stop before someone thinks we're getting attacked. She apparently started walking over as soon as I had called her. We both decided that I should wear my black, strapless dress, with black high heels, and a black handbag. I was so ready for whatever happened on our date.

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