Once in a lifetime

This is about a girl called Crystal Clare Jones and is One Direction's #1 fan and her dream is to meet them. Her dream came true! She tags along with her Friends Roshelle and Jade.


4. Not telling the others but someone blew it.

Crystal's P.O.V

I'm speechless right at this moment! I kissed Louis Tomlinson, Or more like he kissed me! I wanted scream to the whole world how happy I was. But I didn't witch surprised me! "So how are we gonna tell them?" I ask, because I not knowing the answer not knowing how it was better for Boo Bear's opinion "I think we should keep it a secret!" He says hopping up and pulling me up in his arms. "But there gonna figure out sooner or later!" I say wrapping my arms around his neck "Well there not gonna figure  out any time soon are they?" He says leaning in closer, so I lean in and we escomo kiss.

Fan's P.O.V

I saw Louis and that chick 'escomo kiss' Is she using him? and what's with him and Eleanor did they fight? I took a picture and posted it to everyone I knew (even the boys)  and said "What's going on? please tell me I need all the Goss!" 

Louis P.O.V 

My phone started to buzz, but I didn't want to ruin the moment. "Answer it" Crystal whispers and hops out of my arms. I saw what it said "Aw, Far Out!" I say. "What;s wrong babe?" Crystal says coming closer "I don't think it won't be a secret for much longer" I say passing her the phone. She sighs. "You don't get enough privacy do you?" she says giggling "Sure don't" I say hugging her I'm Kinda happy half of the world knows because now thinking about it we can spend more time together! "We should go tell them huh?" She says "Yeah, Come on, we got some explaining to do!" I say taking her hand 

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