Once in a lifetime

This is about a girl called Crystal Clare Jones and is One Direction's #1 fan and her dream is to meet them. Her dream came true! She tags along with her Friends Roshelle and Jade.


2. Dream Complete!

Crystal's P.O.V

I screamed to the top of my lungs with my two Best Friends Roshelle and Jade. We've just won a ticket to meet One Direction! are Favourite boy band!  "Th- Thank-you so much!"  Jade says trough the phone "You don't know how much you made 3 18 girls so happy! This is our dream to meet the boy band face to face" I say trying o hold the tears back! "We love Nova and been on the Phone, Laptop and Radio all day!" Roshelle says Happily "We are looking so forward to meeting you!" Harry Styles says I can feel his smile though my vains "Sorry if we hurt you ears" I giggle to the statement I made. "That's okay love, You didn't really scream as loud as much as 1,000,000,000 girls would scream" Louis Tomlinson says chuckling "Good-bye girls we're looking forward to meeting you tomorrow" Niall Horan says "But we don't know how exited we are!" Roshelle says. We never wanted the call to end but we had to. We turned off the Radio, Laptop and put the phone back. And we started to fan girl about what was going to happen tomorrow! 


Louis P.O.V

Wow, I couldn't WAIT for tomorrow! I love to meet fans! I wanted... wanted to make something special for the girls! Something that they can remember us by and never forget! I told the boys and Zayn came up with the idea of craft! Perfect! We cut out some letters and photo's of us out of magazines. The girls were in the paper and the photo was pretty big so Niall cut it out and put it in the middle! I was pretty impressed with our work! We worked for 2 hours straight! But I didn't care neither did the boys, we wanted to do everything we could for the girls! I just can't wait to spend 24 hours with them! 

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