Once in a lifetime

This is about a girl called Crystal Clare Jones and is One Direction's #1 fan and her dream is to meet them. Her dream came true! She tags along with her Friends Roshelle and Jade.


6. Believe me!! I'm your boyfriend

Crystal's P.O.V

I'm feeling sort of better... I met these 5 boys and 2 girls the other day... I think I'm in love with the blond.... His accent is so... So sexy! Apparently those 5 boys are in a band named One Direction and those 2 girls are my Best Friends! They seem nice enough.... I was trying to drink my glass of water when that blonde guy came in... I think his name was Niel? I don't know But I'm sure it's not that but it's close enough right? "Do you need help with that love?" He comes closer and helps me lift the glass to my mouth. I take a sip. "Thanks you don't know how much you really just helped me then" I smile at him and he holds my hand "Are you my boyfriend?" I ask he just makes a really big smile


Niall's P.O.V

My plan has gone better than planed! "Yes baby! Yes, I am" I go in for a kiss. She gets her shaky hands to my face and pulls me in faster. "I love you Niall" she has a little tear coming down from her eye. I kiss it away "I love you too baby, and I always will" After and hour and twenty six minutes the boys and the girls come in.


Louis P.O.V


"Niall?!? why are you here aren't you sick?" I feel my stomach turn and blood falling out of my body "I felt a little better! So I went to go check up on Crystal" I knew Niall was lying but I will believe him FOR NOW! "Okay then" I say but my soul is saying DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT!


"So..... What now?" Crystal asks she has been looking at Niall all this time "Well I'm your boyfriend!" I say looking at her "You can't be! Niall is my Boyfriend! he told me so right Niall?" I look at Niall disgusted and I walked out of the room "Why Is he pissed off for?" I hear Crystal say Then then Rochelle Flys right past me crying her eyes out goes out the window. I know what she is gonna do But I'm gonna' stop her. I don't want her to cut herself.

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