Once in a lifetime

This is about a girl called Crystal Clare Jones and is One Direction's #1 fan and her dream is to meet them. Her dream came true! She tags along with her Friends Roshelle and Jade.


5. A very bad accedient

Crystal's P.O.V

Louis offers to take my hand to help me up I take is  it. We run as fast as out legs could take us, But then I suddenly fall to the ground "Crystal!" Louis yells and trys to help me up "Ow, It really hurt's but trust me I'm fine" I say letting go of his hand and trying to get up myself, But I fall to the ground again. "We need to go to the hospital I think" Louis says picking me up bridal style and running again.

*At the hospital*

Louis P.O.V

"So, do you have any idea of what happend?" the man asked me "I think she tripped over a rock or something" I say looking sad of what's going to happen to her. "Well, she is sleeping  right at the moment. You can go see her if you wish" he says with a creppy smile "Thanks?" I say but fakeing my smile.

Crystals P.O.V

Where am I? why am I in a white place..... I think to myself until the door opens "Miss Jones... There is a couple of visitors that would like to see you" Says a woman in a very stained white dress, the stains were red. "Who are you and why are you trying to kill me?" I ask trying to move but two other people come in the room and put me on this medicine and I fall asleep....


Niall's P.O.V


Louis told me all what happened I had feelings for Rochelle, but I love Crystal more.... Nobody knows that me and Rochelle are together.... But Louis told me that Him and Crystal are together.. I became jealous. So I had a plan. Tomorrow we have CD signing! But, I'm gonna' pretend to be sick. I hope they will believe me! I'm gonna' eat a ton of dry salt so my voice will go sore and I will lose a bit of it. But it's gonna' be worth it. When I go to the hospital to visit Crystal. I'm going to lie and say that I'm her boyfriend. It's gonna' be great!!.

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