Once in a lifetime

This is about a girl called Crystal Clare Jones and is One Direction's #1 fan and her dream is to meet them. Her dream came true! She tags along with her Friends Roshelle and Jade.


3. A rolling tear. But a happy smile

Louis P.O.V

Me and Liam went to bed at around 11:00 I wanted to get as much sleep as I could! "Why are you going to bed so early?" Li Li asked me with his 'confused look' on his face "Can't you tell? I'm exited for tomorrow! We all are!" I said smiling and playfully pushing Liam slightly. Wait... Was Liam... Was Liam blushing? "Hey are you blushing?" I ask him he was all rosy red now! "Yeah... I am, I think I have feelings for one of the girls. I couldn't remember her name but I think it started with a J" He replies smiling to me. Now coming to think of it. I think I did to! I shook my head I can't I'm with Eleanor! I love my Eleanor! but this girl.... She has something about her that I like... "I think her name was Jade!" I say putting my hand on his shoulder "Yeah that's right!" I open my door "Goodnight Liam!" I say to Li Li "Goodnight Lou!" He replies giving me a smile and going to his room.

Niall's P.O.V

"Mmmmm, I'm hungry" I say walking to the kitchen "Of course you are you always are!" Harry says and chuckles. "Aw, There is no more food!" I whine "That's most likely you ate it all" Zayn says I go back to the living room and through a pillow at them. "You can't talk you've wasted all the hair products and it hasn't been a week yet!" I chuckle "He has a point..." Harry says. Zayn turns his head to me again "Nice comeback!" he says smiling "Haha thanks! I get it from my Mum!" Then we all started to laugh. Then we fell asleep

Louis P.O.V

We meet the girls they were gorgeous! the 1st one I think was Roshelle had Curly brown hair, Natural Tan, Blue eyes, and short eye lashes. The second was Jade she had Brown straight hair, light skin, Brown eyes and also short eye lashes Then last but not least was to most STUNNING! It was Crystal! The had the in between of curly and straight hair, Natural tan, Blue eyes and Long Eyelashes! I just wanted to wrap her in my arms. So I did "Oh" She said looking quite shocked "Ohhh!" The others said "Shut up!" I say and I hear Crystal Giggling. I turn back to her. "I'm Cr-" I cut her off "I know all of your names." after 20 minutes we all get to know each other pretty well then there is Niall "WHO'S HUNGRY?!?" he shouted like the whole of bloody London could hear. Everyone says Yes but then Crystal says "I'll pass thanks I've already eaten" she says to Niall smiling "Okay then, What about you Lou?" He asks me "I'll Pa-" But I get cut of by my phone ringing "I'll Be back in a sec!" I say and walk away. Eleanor was ringing Gosh I hope everything is okay! "Hey Ba-" I get cut off from her screaming at me! "YOU PATHETIC CHEATER WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? HUGGING A RANDOM CHICK IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE OF BLOODY LONDON? WELL THAT'S IT WERE THROUGH!" She yells right in my ear.... Th- This ca- Can't be happening! "Eleanor She is just a Fa-" She hangs up and I fall to the floor crying "Louis?" Someone calls and sits beside me "What's wrong? What happened " It was Crystal she is a truly lovely fan! "You know Eleanor right?" I ask her "Yeah of course I do!" She replies with a serious look on her face. "S- She broke up with me" I say looking up at her with my puffy eyes "Oh no! Louis I'm I'm so sorry" She says as she was hugging me about 20 seconds later "I- I love you Crystal" I manage to say "I love you to Lou Lou" She says I broke away the hug and replaced it with a kiss. Sparks were flying everywhere! This kiss could make anyone dead! It felt right and important to me It told me that she was the one. 7 seconds later Crystal says "So were a couple now?" She asks me with a cheeky look on her face "Yep! That's right" I reply to her question and kissed her again!


- Authors Note -

I have noting against Elouanour! I love them both SO much ♥ But I just couldn't have Louis go without Eleanor in the story It wouldn't make no sense  So yeah.... Oh! In the comments below you can help me on how to say Loustal is now a Couple :) Thanks everybody!  

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