Right But Wrong

Elizabeth has been in an orpanage her whole life.
Her new brother?
Harry Styles.


1. Prologue

- prologue -

I still remember that night like it was yesterday.

I was only 5 years old when it happened but everything is so clear in my head... I can remember every single detail.

I remember waking up and at first smoke was all that filled my view, then a bright glint of orange. I only dreamt to imagine such a sight, seeing ghosts in the red sparks that I interpreted to be fire.

I inhaled and felt a horrible smell; it was like a thick scent of melted paint and scorched wood. It was bitter to my nostrils and seemed to my brain an abomination to the air. I started coughing.

I could hear my mother screaming and crying.

My brother stormed into my room and held me in his arms. “Everything is going to be fine”- he said. He grabbed a t-shirt and covered my mouth and nose with it. Then he picked me up and started walking trying to avoid the flames. We passed by our parents bedroom and the screams I heard before didn’t exist anymore.

When my brother managed to get me out of the house he ran to the front yard, put me down on the grass and lay beside me. He was coughing a lot.

When the firefighters and the paramedics arrived they took him away.

I never saw him again. Neither did I saw my mother or my father after that night.

I was taken to an orphanage and I have spent the last ten years of my life in it. I guess nobody wanted to adopt me at the time because of all of the problems I was going through... both physical and emotional. When I got them all sorted out I was about ten or eleven and at that age it’s very unlikely for a family to adopt you. They mostly want little kids.

I’m now 15 so I’m almost sure that I’m going to stay here until I’m 18. I don’t mind it though. This place is my new home now… It would be incredibly hard to leave.


“Lizzy, Mrs. Jones called you”- Emily said as she walked into our bedroom.

Emily is like a younger sister to me. All the girls are but Emily and I have a special friendship, one that I would never give up on.

“Oh ok Em”- I said giving her a smile.

I walked into the common room and Mrs. Jones was there.

When she saw me she smiled at me. I smiled back.

“You called?”- I asked.

“Well yes…”- she said. After a huge pause, she continued. - “Look, Elizabeth, there’s a family here to see you”

“What?”- I said in shock. I had never in my life heard that words before… well I had, but they were always directed to other kids… not to me.

“Look, the mother… well, she saw your picture and she automatically said that she wanted you. Of course I had to explain her your situation but she didn't mind about that, in fact, she only seemed more interested.”


“I know you don’t want to leave Liz. But… give it a try. They can give you a new life… a better one.”- she said interrupting me.

“But I don’t one a better life, I want this life!!”

“Liz, don’t be like that… Give them at least the chance to meet you”

“I... Err...”- I paused.- “Ok, I’ll do it… For you”

She smiled. “Come with me then”- she said.

I followed her to the office. When we got in I saw three people; a woman with black hair, a girl with dark brown hair with red tips and a boy with brown curled hair. They were all very look-a-like.

The woman and the girl were smiling at me but the boy’s face had no expression whatsoever.

“Hey, I’m Anne”- the woman said stepping forward and extending her hand.

“Elizabeth”- I said giving her a hand shake.

Then the girl stepped forward.

“I’m Gemma”- she said.

Then I looked at the boy waiting for him to say something but he just looked at me.

“Sorry about my brother, sometimes he can be very shy…”- Gemma said smiling at me. –“He’s Harry”

**Authors note** i will try to update everyday, so enjoy!!!:)
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