Unexpected Love

Sierra Thompson isn't a normal girl. She's an actor. Niall Horan isn't a normal boy. He's a singer. Both teenagers haven't dated since their careers had begun. So what happens when their management thinks they can become the 'it' couple of the year? Niall and Sierra will finally learn about the extremes of being famous. In the end, will this just be the publicity stunt it was supposed to be? Or will it be the unexpected love most teenagers hope for? Just think about this....is Siall real or not real? Even if it isn't, shouldn't there be a possibility it could be?


1. The Beginning

Sierra's POV

Opening the door, I walked onto the curb. I allowed my guards to lead me into the building, ignoring the paparazzi as I walked past. I saw girls squeal and smile. I waved to them. They squealed even more. Typical.

"So Sierra, we have some big news. There's a few people I want you to meet," My manager Sarah said as we walked to the elevator.

"Great" I answered. I was so tired to even sound enthusiastic. I was up all last night, trying to remember my lines for the movie coming up.

"You may have heard of these boys before. Well actually, you have. But I knew their manager John for a while now, and we just came up with this. Brace yourself" Sarah said as we got out of the elevator and in front of a door.

As I stepped in, I saw those boys Sarah was talking about. She was right, I did hear about them before.

"Sierra, meet One Direction. One Direction, meet Sierra Thompson" Sarah introduced.

"Hi" I told them politely, shaking each of their hands. 

"Hi. I'm Harry"





As soon as we had everyone's names, we sat down.

"So John and I have an idea that can make your careers skyrocket. We were thinking magazine covers, TV shows, interviews, stuff like that" Sarah beamed.

"We know two of you haven't dated in a while. Niall. Sierra" John looked at us both.

"And..." Niall began.

"And we thought you two could become the 'it' couple. Niall, Sierra can be that princess your fans talk about, and Sierra, Niall can be that prince you talk about" Sarah grinned. Niall and I stared at each other.

"Not saying it's a bad idea, but wouldn't we actually have to know each other to date? Let alone like each other?" I questioned, eyes still on Niall.

"Well yea, but you two can get to know each other on your dates. Just make it public, don't talk to anyone about it. Make them wonder. Make them think. The less they know, the more they'll snoop. The more curious they are, the more stories. So you should get the point." John explained. I could see uncertainty in Niall's eyes, until he faced the managers.

"Fine. I'll do it" He said with no emotion. All eyes locked on me. I gulped. But if we fake date, wouldn't we have to kiss? Hold hands? Snuggle? Iv'e been wanting to do that with someone special. I always believed in love at first sight. I don't want to throw it all away. But if I don't do it, there's a chance I could get fired by management. They have control over me. I do what they say.

"I'm in" I said strongly.

"Great. You two should start tonight since Sierra, you have to go on set tomorrow. Make it public guys" Sarah smiled. I gave her a fake one.

"Got it"

Everyone got out of their seats. 

"Good luck mate" I heard Harry whisper to Niall, slightly hitting him on his back.

"Thanks. I'm gonna need it." Niall replied. He walked over to me.

"Sorry we have to do this" He muttered to me.

"It's fine. It wasn't just you're management that set this up" I told him as we followed everyone to the elevator.

"I'm the one who said yes.." 

"So did I. Don't worry about it Horan. It's all about business. Right?" I grinned.

"Right" He smiled. I saw a twinkle in his eyes. Maybe this isn't as bad as I think it'll be. Well, I certainly hope not.


A/N: Hey Guys. So I'm new here. It may seem bad at first. I actually am writing this on a different app too. Not the same exact wording, but same concept. It's called Joke Box. I'm tumbler3231999 on there. I've been told to write here, so yea... hope y'all like it. It's my first on here. (:

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