Only us, forever.

Jenna is jus ordinary. Ordinary life, ordinary looks, ordinary personality. Her life is headed down a long boring road, but one faithful night she meets someone who could change all that. A story filled with love, hate drama and PLOT TWISTS!


14. Time To Remember

I awoke to a scream. Such a familiar scream. But I couldn't figure out who's it was. Why was someone bothering me? No one had the key to my apartment. As I pried open my eyes, I realized I wasn't in my small apartment. And then it all came flooding back to me. The concert. Harry asking me out. The cosmos. Oh my god. I had sex with Harry Styles. I sat up and Charm was standing at the end of the bed, along with the rest of the band. Thank god in my drunken stupor I had been smart enough to grab one of Harry's long tshirts before I fell asleep. "You. Slept. With. Harry. Styles?" She shrieked. It took me a minute to realize she was excited, not mad. "Oh. Um, I guess so.." I said quietly. Even my throat felt horrible. "You're so lucky you have a good excuse, otherwise I would have to tell daddy you left us all alone in the hotel!" Shit. I forgot about the girls. I looked beside me to see Harry still sleeping. Liam laughed. "He can sleep through anything, trust me!" Niall ran out of the room and was back a minute later carrying a bucket. "This'll wake him up, but you might want to nice hun !" Niall winked at me. Oh god. I wrapped the sheet around me and stood up. Niall threw the ice water on Harry, an he sat up shrieking. He was just about to leap out of bed when he noticed me wrapped in a sheet. He looked under the blankets at himself. "Jenna, love, would you go into my bag over there and grab me a pair of pants please?" He said embarrassed. Charms jaw dropped open. "Ob my god. You didn't just sleep with him you SLEPT with him!" She shrilled. Harry politely asked everyone but me to leave the room. The boys went willingly, but hey had to pull charm along with them. " we'll that was awkward, wasn't it dear?" He spoke softly, motioning for me to come sit next to him. When I sat, he took my face in his hands. "God, you really are beautiful". And he kissed me. Not pushy or assertive like last night, but sweet and soft. I pulled away and smiled. "So what now?" I asked, looking down. "When you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell.." He sang softly. I giggled. "I don't know what it is about you, but I feel like I've known you forever". My stomach rumbled. "We'll then, I guess it's time for breakfast!". ~ Thank god Louis had thought ahead. He had brought me clothes he guessed would fit me, an they did perfectly. It may have just been some jeans and a blouse, but I was great full. When I walked out of the bathroom after my shower and after I got dressed, Harry was sitting on the bed fully clothed. He stood up and grasped my hand. "You ready darling?" He asked hesitantly. God I loved his accent. "Yes love!" I said, trying to mock his accent. He laughed and grinned at me. "You do a horrible British accent love!" I acted as if I was offended. "We'll thankyouverymuch Mr. Styles, but I am a professional at Brittish accents!" I laughed. "You guys! Hurry up! I'm hungry and Zayn won't let me start without you!" Yelled Niall from the other room. Harry wrapped one hand around my waist and led me out the door.
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