Only us, forever.

Jenna is jus ordinary. Ordinary life, ordinary looks, ordinary personality. Her life is headed down a long boring road, but one faithful night she meets someone who could change all that. A story filled with love, hate drama and PLOT TWISTS!


7. Starting the Concert

It was time for the concert and we were in our seats. Apparently daddy had bought out the whole front row, and there was a 5 foot barricaded gap between row 1 and the rest of them. Before the concert started, I had taken the girls to go get souvenirs and the VIP shop, and even they had noticed something different about me. - "Gosh Jenna, you look at little dazed. Caught one direction infection yet?" Charm giggled. "I saw you talking to Harry. You looked like a fish out of water. You don't usually talk to boys do you?" I pretended to not hear and just kept walking.
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