Only us, forever.

Jenna is jus ordinary. Ordinary life, ordinary looks, ordinary personality. Her life is headed down a long boring road, but one faithful night she meets someone who could change all that. A story filled with love, hate drama and PLOT TWISTS!


11. Out For a Drink?

I walked up to the door and knocked. Harry flung the door open and pulled me in. "Hello love!" He said, pulling off his shirt. "Oh um, hi" I said, averting my eyes. "Oh, haha sorry!" He said, noticing I wasn't looking at him. He quickly threw on a new shirt.
"So I was wondering, if you would like to go get a drink?". I think I stared at him, mouth gaping for what must have been a minute. "Uh, Jenna..?" I quickly got ahold of myself and smiled shyly. "I would love to, I guess", I spoke softly. "You guess? Man, that's never good when you ask a girl on a date and she says I guess! You know , you don-". I cut him off, "I mean, I would love to". He grinned. I cannot believe Harry Styles just asked me on a date. A date! My whole life, I had only been on two dates, and those were very unsuccessful ones, set up by my very few friends in attempt to get me in a relationship. But this is different. I'm not being set up by anyone. Harry Styles asked me, ME, on a date!
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