Only us, forever.

Jenna is jus ordinary. Ordinary life, ordinary looks, ordinary personality. Her life is headed down a long boring road, but one faithful night she meets someone who could change all that. A story filled with love, hate drama and PLOT TWISTS!


9. Kiss You

Throughout the rest of the concert I had avoided looking at Harry, but I knew he was still watching me. I must have something on my face, or there must be something wrong with my hair. By the time Kiss You came on, I knew it was the end of the concert because it was only 3 minutes to nine. Kiss You was the only song I knew, and I finally let myself look at him. I knew it was wrong, but I had to. When I looked at him, he met my gaze, and I sang along. He didn't once leave my eyes for the rest of the song. Before the very end, he kneeled down and said something to the security guard at the stage. He nodded, and Harry looked up and shot a grin my way. Then it was over and they disappeared into the mist
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