Only us, forever.

Jenna is jus ordinary. Ordinary life, ordinary looks, ordinary personality. Her life is headed down a long boring road, but one faithful night she meets someone who could change all that. A story filled with love, hate drama and PLOT TWISTS!


12. Here We Go

After Harry was totally changed ( me looking away the whole time, him laughing ) he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of his dressing room. "Where would you like to go, love?". I think I turned the color of a tomato. His accent was too cute. "I'm not from Vancouver, so I don't really know anywhere to go." I squeaked. "I think I know just the place then! You are old enough to get into a club, and legally drink right?" He questionedp. I looked down and smiled. "Yes, I turned 19 in January!" And infact I had. My few friends and I had gone out to toronto celebrate, and I didn't have any ID to prove I was 19, so we ended up staying the night in a hotel room. When we arrived at the club, I was shocked. When I imagined it, I thought it would look like the clubs you see on tv. Gross, sweaty, loud music and profane dancing. Instead we walked into a large room filled with tons of tables surrounded by low dark blue satin chairs. Harry walked up to the hostess and without saying anything, she just nodded and led us off into another room. The room was gorgeous! It looked like someone had covered all the walls with sparkles, and the floor matched. There was a large gold table in the middle surrounded by blood red plush velvet couches. Harry gestured for me to sit down. The couch was very comfortable. He took a seat beside me, a lot closer than I though he would. The hostess pulled out a pen and paper to take out drink orders. "What can I get you?" Just as I started to ask for a sprite, Harry cut me off. "Two Cosmos please!" He said enthusiastically. The hostess nodded and walked away. "Cosmos? Dont you think they're a little strong?" I question hesitantly. "What love, you afraid of a little fun?" ~ 2 hours and 7 cosmos later, I was drunk. I didn't even notice I had finished one drink. I was so wrapped up in conversation with Harry I had no idea the waitress came in and replaced both our drinks whenever they were getting low. I think I like Harry. And I mean a lot. The whole time we talked, he was amazing. I don't think I've carried on a conversation that long in forever. We talked about everything. Childhood, bacon, what it's like to be famous, how I came to work for charms dad, and so much more. By the time it was midnight, we were both very drunk. "Mr. Styles, we've called a cat to take you and your date back to your hotel. The Fairmont, correct?" The hostess said, appearing from no where. "Oh, yeees ma'am!" Harry slurred. I was to drunk to protest, so I grabbed his hand and we stumbled out into the night. "Your car is over there, Mr. Styles", the hostess directed. We finally made it into the car, or should I say limo, and slammed the door behind us.
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