befor he was a clan cat

in the book warriors,the cat rusty(a.k.a. fireheart) becomes a clan cat. this is what i think happened befor when he was a kit.


3. Where we going?

I wake up to the warm ray of the sun beating down on my fur.Everyone else is still sleeping exect for me and Princess.She streched her paws and her legs.As she walks over to me,I also streched.As she walked over,she stepped on my sister,Cinnimon.She looked a lo like my mom, only she was a solid brown with a white tip on her tail.She yowled"OW!!!!!!!!!!" and clawed Princess on the nose.Princess and Cinnimon started to claw and yowled and woke up my mom."QUIT THAT FIGHTING!" my mom screeched but they still went at it."NOW!!!!!".That got their attenion.

Later that day...

"alright kittens,we are going to the vet."our mom mewed."What is the vet?"asked my brother,copper,who is a full brown tom.asked."A vet is a person who makes sure we are healthy".As she said that,a person came and picked us up.She put all of us into a strange bag.She put into a huge,house that moves.As the house started,we all mewed.We were off into the unkown called the"vet".

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