befor he was a clan cat

in the book warriors,the cat rusty(a.k.a. fireheart) becomes a clan cat. this is what i think happened befor when he was a kit.


4. the vet

Once we felt a sudden halt,we herd two large thuds. The door on our sied opened and we felt the bag lift up and sway in the wind. We entered a large white room and the bag was put onto a chair. My brothers and sisters started to ger antsy, but not me. My mom tried to calm everyone down, which worked eventually. After a few moments, we felt the bag lifted again. We could tellwe were being carried somewhere. We suddendly felt the bag stop and get placed down again. The bag was opened and a lady peered inside. She grabbed Princess and pulled her out, taking her to a metal table.


Eventually, i was also pulled out. Being placed down on a cold metal table made me mewl unhappily. The weird lady then began to poke and proad me with different and weird items. After what semed like forever, she stopped and grabbed a long piece of metal connected to a plastic vile filled with someting. I felt a sudden sharp pain which made me cry out. She rubbed the area before placing me back in the bag.

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