befor he was a clan cat

in the book warriors,the cat rusty(a.k.a. fireheart) becomes a clan cat. this is what i think happened befor when he was a kit.


2. eyes wide open

It has been about 2 weeks and everyone`s eyes have opened but mine.I always feel left out because i am the smallest one of them all.One of my sisters,Princess, comes over and proads mr withe her paw."hey.don`t poke me!" i whine."Well then open your eyes!"she mews.As my mother says"Rusty will open his eyes when he feels ready."I think "yea,when i am ready"and drift into a slee


As i wake,i deside today is the day i WILL open my eyes.I feel ready.I struggle at first,but at last they fly open.A bright light floods into my eyes as they ajust to such brightness.I pad over to my mom and yell"MY EYES HAVE OPENED!!!!!"My mom looks at me with kindness in her eyes and purrs"that is great Rusty!"I feel her warm flank press afainst mine.All of a sudden,princess jumps on me and yells in delight'"YOU`VE OPENED YOUR EYES!!!!!!!",pinning me onto the ground."Get off of me,will you?!" i ask as i bat her ear with my paw.She jumps off and i pounce onto her and we roll on the ground batting and bitting eact other.My mother yells from behind"Time to go inside,kittens!"We all follow happily back into the safty of the house.

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