befor he was a clan cat

in the book warriors,the cat rusty(a.k.a. fireheart) becomes a clan cat. this is what i think happened befor when he was a kit.


1. Enter the world

I feel a rush of cool air as i enter this world.It feels so dirrerent from where  i was a few seconds ago. from a warm,insolated place to a cold,hard ground.Feeling so insecure,i mew my little mew.My mother,rasped her sandpaper tonge over my head,tring to confort me.

A few seconds later,i begin to hear other mews.Their sent told me that they were my brothers ans sisters.As i drink in my surrondings,I grow hungery.I wiggle my way over to mom,find a good spot,and begin to nurse.Her milk was sweet and very filling.After my first meal,i grow dreary and i nod off to a deap sleep.


I am running through a forest.I look and feel much older,like a full grown adult tom.There is a beautiful silver she-cat standing there with 3 kits around her.I try walking to her, but every paw step only became further away.I break into a run,but only get further away.(end of dream)

When i wake,i hear my mother talking.She said"wake up,little ones.You need food".As soon as i get over there,everyone else crowds around me.I push my way through until i reach a nipple.As i nurse,one of my sisters push me out of the way.I mew"Hey!".She replied"Weneed to eat to".I go over and curl into a ball and think"that dosen`t mean you can push me out of the way" I then drifted off into another sleep


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