What He Doesn't Know

Audrey was Liam's best friend. His protector. His "sister". His bodygaurd. And he was hers. They did everything together. Until the ninth grade. They drifted apart, found new friends. But, they haven't talked since. Until now. 7 years later. A lot can happen in 7 years. Scars can emerge, tears can be shed, memories can develop. But it's worse for all when the only one you love has no idea what you've been through.


11. Tea

Liam's POV:

I see her freeze up. She's obviously more upset than I am. I feel the fierce vibrations of her body against mine. I try to meet her gaze to comfort her, but even though she's 5 inches from me, she couldn't be farther away. Her eyes look about 100 miles away, as if she's accessing some memory she has locked away in the recesses of her mind. I see the tear tracks streaming down her cheeks, dripping onto the blanket off her chin. Blond hair is bordering her face, soaked in salty tears. I brush it out of her eyes, behind her ears. "What's wrong?" I question. After a pause, she stutters "...it- it's R-r-ryan," still refusing to meet my eyes.

"Who?" I've never heard of a Ryan in my life.


Audrey's POV:

I can't tell him. He'll blame himself, or worse, he'll judge me for my choices. I shake my head without hesitation, and quickly attempt to compose myself. I stand, rather too quickly. Dizzy, I grab at the bedpost and Liam's hand shoots out to grab my wrist to steady me. He's always been there, only not when I needed it most. I feel his eyes follow me out the bedroom door. 

I must have taken a wrong turn, ending up in the kitchen. The boy I know as Louis turns from the stove, takes one look at me, and guides me into a seat at the kitchen table. "Do you want some tea?" he charmingly asks. I swallow, "Sure, thanks." I have a chance to wipe my eyes and pull my hair back into it's bun. Louis watches me, and I let him watch. I watch him back, and see him pour extra sugar into my tea. How'd he know that's how I like it? He turns and hands it to me. I smile gratefully. "Thanks." He smiles in return. These boys are different. They'll never hurt me. But, I'm not sure I'll ever recover from Ryan's grasp.

"Who's Ryan?" Louis inquires. Ah, shit did I say that out loud?

"You sure did." Louis answers my internal monologue. I panic for a moment. 

"Oh... uh- er... well, Ryan er- was my old boyfriend." I stutter awkwardly. 

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