What He Doesn't Know

Audrey was Liam's best friend. His protector. His "sister". His bodygaurd. And he was hers. They did everything together. Until the ninth grade. They drifted apart, found new friends. But, they haven't talked since. Until now. 7 years later. A lot can happen in 7 years. Scars can emerge, tears can be shed, memories can develop. But it's worse for all when the only one you love has no idea what you've been through.


5. Street Lights

Audrey's POV:

I walk up to him and breathe a small "Hi." Liam says "Hi. It's okay you can talk normally." I blush for a moment, until he grins. I mirror him. I say a bit louder "So, where are we off to?" taking a small step towards the lights of London. He replies with a chuckle "A yummy place that serves food, but first, put this on. We're going undercover tonight." I smile. Undercover, just like spies, are we spies tonight? He hands me a yellow snapback and I slap it on. I'm not sure what team it is. Yellow, he remembered, its my favorite color. Where he got a snapback though, I wonder. Liam Payne doesn't wear snapbacks. I look up towards his face and see that he has a black one on, along with aviators. Sunglasses? At night? I contemplate for a moment then I start humming "I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can..." 

I look up and see that Liam is watching me with a puzzled look. "What were you... nevermind." He starts and I chuckle. He probably hasn't heard that song anyways. It's a good song. I should have him listen to it sometime. I grin and he puts his arm out and says cheekily "Shall we?" I reply saying "We shall..." and we set off down the back streets of London onto the main road I walk along every day, towards the tube station. There are street lights lining the street and I realize I haven't been to London past dark until now.

We walk silently down this street for awhile, side by side. He turns down a side street and I follow quietly. He slows slightly and loops behind me. He clasps both of his hands over my eyes and I gasp squealing "Oh no! Who turned out the lights?!" I hear him chuckle behind me and feel one of his hands slide down my back. It settles on my lower back and gently guides me into a doorway. Its brightly lit and the light leaks through my eyelids. I sniff and I smell chicken. Liam's hands slowly come away from my face and I quickly recognize the large chicken seated in front of me.


Liam's POV:



I'm nervous. There is no reason to be, though. I've known Audrey for years. However, I'm nervous that she has changed. Or worse, that fame has changed me into someone I'm not. Seconds later, she walks up to me and breathes a silent "Hi." I smirk and say "Hi. It's okay, you can talk normally." She looks embarrassed for some reason but quickly recovers. She asks me where we are off to and I reply "A yummy place that serves food," trying a bit of humor. She laughs and I hand her a yellow snapback. I specifically chose yellow because it's her favorite color. I tell her that we have to go undercover. She slaps the hat on her head backwards and for a moment I have a flash of one of the boys in her. I think it's Niall. Perhaps its the likeliness between both of their blonde hair and the fact that the hat is Nialler's. I slap on the black one I took from him and throw on my aviators. I look at her and she looks at me. She chuckles and looks at me funny for a moment. All of a sudden she starts to hum, gets really into it, and soon enough she is singing under her breath. 

I'm confused. I begin to ask what she's singing but decide against it. She looks up at me and grins. I grin back and hold out my arm. "Shall we?" I question cheekily. "We shall..." she replies equally cheeky. We step off into the London night arm in arm, linked. Gradually, we let go and walk along the streets of London lined with street lights. The light twinkles off the clouds and I find myself looking at her. We are silent and she is staring ahead with a slight smile on her face. Surprisingly the city is nearly silent. We walk in step until we turn on a street corner. I place my hands over her eyes. She starts and says gasping "Oh no! Who turned off the lights?" I laugh, Audrey hasn't changed a bit. I drop my right hand to her lower back and guide her into the doorway of the restaurant. I open the door, step in, and release my hand over her eyes. She smiles, registering what is seated in front of her

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