What He Doesn't Know

Audrey was Liam's best friend. His protector. His "sister". His bodygaurd. And he was hers. They did everything together. Until the ninth grade. They drifted apart, found new friends. But, they haven't talked since. Until now. 7 years later. A lot can happen in 7 years. Scars can emerge, tears can be shed, memories can develop. But it's worse for all when the only one you love has no idea what you've been through.


1. First Sight

Audrey's POV:

It was a typical fall day in London. Stepping out of the tube station, heading backs I my flat, I trudged through the puddles, making ripples in my blonde haired reflection. I walked the few quaint little streets of outer London until I reached my own. The building neighbouring mine was surrounded by teenage girls screaming something in audible and holding signs. I reluctantly was jostled into the street as I foolishly walked through the girls toward my building. I was nearly flattened by a double decker bus, causing me to shriek. With that, I hustled through the crowd and flew up the four flights of stairs to my flat. I unbuttoned my rain jacket as I walked in the door and hung it up over the heater alongside my umbrella. I laid on my back on the bedspread and took a deep breath. I stood up, walked to the window and opened the curtains just in time to see the sunset over the dreary, wet, rainy, city. As I ran my hand through my hair I noticed the window curtains across the garden in the building next door were parted. From between them I saw the most adorable face. I knew that face. From where though? He smiled at me, I definitely knew that smile. His eyes dropped to the clothesline between our too building and he disappeared closing the curtains behind him. I waited for a few moments but he did not reappear. With that, I closed my curtains and turned in for the night.



Liam's POV: 

Travelling into London with all the boys is always great fun. Paul always has to keep one of us from doing something stupid, this week it was Niall's argument with a security guard for the right to bring food into the building which caused Paul to have to "sternly" speak to him. Our tenement for the week is a quaint little flat on a small street on the outskirts of London. Our particular street has shops on one side and building full of flats and apartments (such as this one) on the opposite. Even though our management put in reservations at five hotels around the city, as always, word has gotten out that One Direction is staying here. There are so many girls outside and its raining, so Niall wants to let them in, out of the rain. Paul wont let him.

I peek out the street facing window at the crowds of fans and i suddenly spot this young blonde haired girl in a red rain jacket trudging through the puddles. She has a sort of charm about her and her gait reminds me of someone I know. Gosh, who was it? I look back out into the street and see her get pushed  by the fans and she stumbles into the street. She stands up and I see the double decker bus come lumbering down the street. I gasp as she jumps out of the street just in time. Harry looks at me funny and asks "What's wrong?" I reply, "The girls outside just pushed some girl into the street! She nearly got run over by a bus!" Harry asks cheekily, "Did she?" I reply, "NO! But almost." Harry mumbles "That's good," and walks over to where Louis is on the couch. I turn away puzzled and just catch the heel of her boots disappearing into the building next door. Quickly, I move to a window on the same side of the flat as her building. Luckily for me, mere moments later she parts the curtains of the window across from this one. What are the odds? She turns away and I shyly part the curtains to watch her. She notices me and smiles. I smile back. I notice the clothesline linking our two windows and closing the curtains for a moment, search frantically for something to write with and a clothespin. By the time I found both of them and written a simple note, she was gone and her curtains closed. I sighed. She'd left. She'll be back in the morning though, I'm sure of it. I reel my note over and close my curtains. I have to go help the boys unpack.

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