What He Doesn't Know

Audrey was Liam's best friend. His protector. His "sister". His bodygaurd. And he was hers. They did everything together. Until the ninth grade. They drifted apart, found new friends. But, they haven't talked since. Until now. 7 years later. A lot can happen in 7 years. Scars can emerge, tears can be shed, memories can develop. But it's worse for all when the only one you love has no idea what you've been through.


10. Comfort

Audrey's POV:

I can't sit here all day moping about something I can't change. There is only one person in London I can sympathize with right now. And he's in the building next door. Liam. I remember I still have Niall's snapback I have to return so might as well bring it over now. I throw it on my head and descend the back stairs. I then rush across the garden to Liam's back stairs. I've never been in his building but his room is directly across from mine so its on the fourth floor.I start there. I tentatively walk down the hallway looking at the numbered doors. My apartment is 4D so i go to that door and knock on the door across. That way we'd be facing each other over the garden. From within, I hear a thick Irish accent all out "Lads- pizza's 'ere!" The door swings open and a blonde haired tall boy calls back "never mind." He turns back towards me and laughs, "Hey! That's my cap!" I smile softly and hand it to him. "You must be Audrey..." he comprehends. "Yah, uh- is Liam here?" The blonde, who I'd assume is Niall, points to a shut wooden door down the hall. "Good Luck. He's been in there all day." 

I walk to the door and tentatively knock. "Go away." I hear muffled in what I'd assume to be a pillow. Thankfully, thanks to Liam being a moody boy when we were younger, I know how to deal with him. I turn the knob and slowly open the door. He's laying on his bed, headphones on, a pillow over his face. 


Liam's POV:

I hear the door crack open through the beat of music through my headphones. I feel the bed sag as someone sits on it, down near my feet. It isn't one of the lads though, too light. The touch is too gentle on my leg. I peek through the pillow and see the one person that can make me release the tears that have be threatening to fall from my eyes ever since I read the headline. But, I control myself. I see tears streaming down her face as she lays down next to me. I put my arms around her as an attempt to comfort her. We half-sit, half-lay for awhile until she chokes through her tears- "It's not true. It's not true." She seems to be trying to persuade herself it isn't true. "I know," I console, "It's a nasty rumour. It's not true. It never should have happened."


Audrey's POV:

For some reason, those words make me double take. I know of another thing I've lived through that shouldn't have happened. The memories I've been hiding from, all today, come rushing back. My mind goes back to that dark place all of his memories are stored and I shiver. I hug my knees close to my heart trying to block out the harsh remembrance of Ryan. I feel a warm welcoming arm encompass me and I turn into it. No matter how much I promise myself I can protect myself, deep in my heart I know I can't. But strong as he is, Liam can overtake him. But, he doesn't know. Until he knows, I'm the only one. Once again, I'm all alone.

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