Stole My Heart (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Nikki Greene is just an ordinary American girl who dreams of meeting One Direction, just like many other directioners, Luckily, her best friends Emma Thompson and Amber Tant get her 3 front-row tickets to their concert! In this story, you get to see Nikki, her sister and a few of her friends go through adventures, relationships, ups and downs with the boys.


1. Chatpter 1~The Concert

Nikki's POV


"ONE DIRECTION! ONE DIRECTION! ONE DIRECTION!" We all cheered as we waited for One Direction to come out to sing some of their amaZAYN, fabuLOUIS, phenomeNIALL, brilLIAM and extraordinHARRY songs!

My best friends Emma Thompson and Amber Tant got me the best birthday present ever! Three front row seat tickets to see One Direction in concert! We also got to go backstage after the show to actually meet them! They have got to be the Worlds GREATEST Friends!

Hi I'm Nikki Greene and I am now 17. I have dirty blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes; almost as beautiful as Niall's. I'm 5'6 and considered short to Emma and Amber. Even though Amber is only 5'7 and Emma is 5'9'. Today for the concert I'm wearing jean Capri's with a neon green shirt that had one direction plastered all over it; and in the middle Niall Horan.

'I Want' started playing and everyone screamed at the top of their lungs. Five of the most handsome guys in the world ran onto stage.

"Give you this, give you that
Blow a kiss, hold a child
If I looked inside your brain
I would find lots of things
Clothes, shoes, diamond rings
Stuff that's driving my insane" Harry sang along to the music.

"Why did he say hold a child instead of take it back?" Emma asked me with a very confused look on her face.

"Because over there, Zayn was lifting up a little girl for a picture and I guess Harry just felt like changing the lyrics up a little bit!" I said while pointing towards the little girl who still looked shocked.

"Oh okay" Emma said and started singing along Liam's solo part.

The music changed to 'Stand Up' and everyone started jumping up and down to the beat of the music.

"Take you and make you mine" Niall echoed Harry and his sparkling blue eyes looked at me. I blushed bright red and my eyes shot towards the ground. I heard Niall giggle a little bit through the microphone. I looked up at him again and kept on seeing him occasionally look at me.

"If I'm louder, would you see me?
Would you lay down
In my arms and rescue me?
'Cause we are, the same
You save me,
When you leave it's gone again" Niall sang his heart out to 'More Than This' while keeping his eyes locked on mine. I blushed and smiled like a crazy idiot. This time instead of giggle a little, he bursted out laughing. The other boys looked so confused but continued singing.


A few songs later 'What Makes You Beautiful' came on. Niall basically sang to me the whole time. At the end, he pointed at me as they sang 'That's what makes you beautiful!'

"Hey guys! I just wanted to thank you all for supporting us so much! You guys are what have really brought us here!" Niall said. Everyone clapped and cheerd as loud as possible."I also wanted to call one person up here that I have admired this whole first half of the concert."

OMG! Is he talking about me? What if he is? Ahhhhh Fangirl moment!

"She has been singing all the words to the songs this whole time." he said while walking towards me.

What if it's me?! What if he likes me? OMG that would be so awesome!

"So I'm calling this girl up here, because she looks like she's a HUGE fan and really enjoys listening to the boys and I sing." Niall said.

"And she may even be the girl Niall falls in love with" Louis said and wiggled his eye brows up and down.

Niall blushed.

"I wonder who Niall is gonna call up! What if it's me!" A girl behind me cheered.

"I don't know! But whoever it happens to be is a lucky son of a gun!" Her friend joined in.

"Alright, so the girl that I call up here will get to come backstage with us boys, hang out with us while we get ready, and will also get to sit on stage with us for the last half of the concert." Niall said in his dreamy Irish accent. All of the us fans screamed which made the whole stadium vibrate.

"So are you ready to find out who the lucky girl is?" Niall asked.

"YES!" All of us fans screamed.

"Alright, Alright. Well she's in the front row." He said and all of us girls in the front row fan girl screamed.

"And she's in the middle section" He said again and the girls in the middle section screamed.

He kneeled down right in front of me and started talking into the microphone, "So what is your name love?"

He pointed his microphone at me, "Umm uhh, Nikki" I stuttered but some how managed to say.

"Well Nikki, tell me a little bit about yourself." He said while smiling and looking straight into my eyes.

"Well, I LOVE One Direction and you're my favorite out of all of the boys." I said and looked at the rest of them, "Not to say that I don't love you guys, which I do. It's just I like Niall a tiny bit more."

Everyone laughed.

"My favorite songs are 'One Thing', 'More Than This' and 'Moments' but trust me all of the other ones are close behind. Oh and I drove all the way from North Carolina to see you guys" I stated.

"That's cool. Everyone give Nikki a round of applause! " Niall said and laughed a little bit while everyone clapped. "Well Nikki, would you mind coming up here to hang out with the boys and I for a little bit?"

"I'd LOVE too!" I screamed and climbed up onto the stage. It took a few attempts but I was able to get up on my own.

As I stood on stage and looked out into the enormous crowd, I froze. I'm usually fine when I'm on stage but this time it was different. I was so nervous! I was basically standing in front of all of Detroit!

"Uhh Niall" I said and signaled him to come over to me.

"Yeah?" He asked luckily not into the microphone.

"I have stage fright" I whispered into his ear.

"Ahh okay" he said and nodded his head, "I'll tell Liam to wrap it up while the rest of us go back stage."

We walked towards Liam. Niall told him about my stage fright and Liam understood the feeling so he said a few shout-outs before following us off the stage.

We walked into a huge room that had lots of hallways leading out of it. The boys started walking towards their dressing room and I followed.

"After you" Niall said as he opened up the door for me and didn't bother to hold it for any of the boys which made me giggle. Especially when someone ran into it which was followed by a loud thump.

"Ouch!" Harry yelled and opened the door. "Thank you so much Niall for holding the door!"

"Your very welcome" Niall laughed while taking a bow.

I took a seat on the couch while the boys went over to their clothing racks. They grabbed their next outfit and started stripping right in front of me.

"Umm eww?" I said and raised and eyebrow.

"You know you just LOVE watching us strip, Nikki" Harry smirked.

"Oh whatever!" I said and looked the other way trying to hide my face so that they wouldn't be able to see me blush.

"Did you just, BLUSH?!" Louis laughed while struggling to put on his red skinny jeans.

"Maybe!" I yelled and laughed with him.

Soon enough, they were all fully dressed and looked pretty good. What am I talking about? They looked HOT just like they always do!

"Hello! Anyone in there?" Louis exclaimed while lightly knocking on my head causing everyone in the room to laugh.

"What? Oh yeah." I said and started laughing with everyone else.

All the boys decided to join the me on the couch. Not the big couch, but the small one with me. We all ended up being squished up against each other like a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

"Uhhh guys.. Little space please" I said. Liam and Zayn ran over to the couch across from ours and plopped down on it. Niall was sitting to the left of me, Harry to the right of me and Louis was to the right of Harry.

"So, we heard a little bit about yourself before, why don't you tell us a little more." Louis suggested.

"Okay, well like I said before, I came all the way from North Carolina to see you guys. My best friends Emma and Amber got me these tickets for my 17th birthday. Ummm my favorite colors are green and blue. Oh and by the way, I love your British and Irish accents" I said and winked at Liam who blushed. "I also like to sing! But that's just a few things. Trust me, you don't want me to keep going."

The boys laughed.

"You guys have about 10 more minutes until you have to go back on stage." Some guy said to the boys and walked away. The boys nodded.

"So you said you like to sing?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, my friends say I'm pretty good at it too." I said.

Harry looked at everyone. He communicated with everyone by making several faces until he finally turned to me, "Would you like to sing one of our songs with us?"

"Umm well sure! It's just...." I trailed off.

"What is it?" Niall asked and put his arm on my back.

"My stage fright."

"Oh. Well you wouldn't have to sing a total solo part. You could sing along with us." Zayn suggested. It was the first time he ever talked for the whole conversation.

"Wow Zayn! You finally talked!" I said jokingly.

"Oh shut up Nikki!" he exclaimed.

"No!" I shouted, grabbed the closest thing to me which happened to be a pillow and threw it at Zayn's head.

"MY HAIR!" Zayn screamed and jumped up with a surprised look on his face. He ran into the bathroom and started spraying tons of hair products in his hair.

"So are you gonna sing with us?" Louis asked anxiously.

"Sure, YOLO!" I laughed and the boys looked confused. "YOLO! It stands for you only live once!"

"Ohh!" they all said in unison.

"So what song are we singing first?" I asked.

"Well you said your favorite songs are 'More Than This' which we already did, 'One Thing and 'Moments' which we haven't done so we'll definately do those." Liam declared.

"Alright" I said and stood up, "We should probably get ready"

"Yeah" Niall said backing me up.

We all headed out of the dressing room and into the room we started in.

"You're on in 3 Minutes guys" the same man as before said. I was shaking.

"If you get nervous or something on stage just tell me and I'll figure something out. Kay love?" Niall came up from behind me.

I nodded. "Can I sing your solo with you?"

"Sure. We have a few minutes, let's practice really quick."

"Alright" I said, "One, two three"

"Close the door
Throw the key
Don't wanna be reminded
Don't wanna be seen
Don't wanna be without you
My judgements clouded
Like tonight's sky" We sang together.

"Wow," he started, "That was really good"

"Thanks" I blushed.

"Alright people! Time to go on stage!" A man said and pushed us on stage.

As soon as I saw all the people, cameras flashing and spot lights, I froze like a deer in a car's headlights. Niall rubbed my back and walked to center stage as he welcomed everyone back.

This is gonna be good..


A/N- Hey guys! I know some of the facts in here may not be right, but I had to change some things to fit the story line... I hope you liked it!
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