Stole My Heart (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Nikki Greene is just an ordinary American girl who dreams of meeting One Direction, just like many other directioners, Luckily, her best friends Emma Thompson and Amber Tant get her 3 front-row tickets to their concert! In this story, you get to see Nikki, her sister and a few of her friends go through adventures, relationships, ups and downs with the boys.


5. Chapter 5~Getting Ready

Nikki's POV


I woke up in the morning in Niall's warm, strong arms. My head was resting on his chest. The sound of his heart beat filled my ears as I started to realize what's happened in the last day.

I looked up at Niall. He was awake and looked like he had a lot on his mind.

"Morning, love" he smiled. I felt his body vibrate a little as he spoke.

"Good morning. How long have you been awake?" I sat up and rested my head on his chest. I know we weren't dating, but it just felt right.

"Not long. Your so cute when your sleeping." He laughed. His laugh is so adorable.

"You sound like a crazy stalker when you say that." I joked. We laughed for a few minutes until there was an awkward silence. I really wanted to know if he liked me as much as I liked him.

"Nikki are you okay?" he asked me while turning my face towards him.

"Perfectly fine." I smiled and started looking around the room again. "Niall, I have to tell you something."

"Yes love?" he looked into my eyes.

"I, I like you. A lot." I said and looked at the ground.

"Well is that a bad thing?" he giggled and wrapped his arm around me.

I shook his head keeping his eyes on the ground.

"Good," he turned to me "because I fancy you too."

"Really?" I asked and I felt my eyes light up.

"Why would I lie about something like this to the most beautiful girl in the world?" he pulled back a strand of hair that was in my face.

"You think I'm beautiful?" I asked. I personally didn't think I was attractive.

"Definitely." he said with confidence.

"Thanks." I blushed.

"No problem."

My phone buzzed, "Niall would you mind passing me my phone?"

He reached over to the night table and gave me my phone.

'Guess what Nikki! Louis asked me out last night!

"Oh my gosh that's amazing!" I exclaimed surprising Niall.

"What?" he asked and tried looking at my phone.

"Oh nothing." I said suspiciously.

Niall quickly snatched my phone out of my hands, "Tell me or I'll read through all of your messages."

"You wouldn't" I gasped.

"Oh I would" he said and started messing with it.

"Alright! Amber and Louis are going out." I confessed.

"That's sweet!" Niall said and put my phone in his lap. "That reminds me. Will you go on a date with me tonight?"

"Yeah!" I said surprised he asked.

"Great!" He stood up, "be ready by 5! he smiled and walked out of the room.

I looked at the time, 1 o'clock! I quickly sent Amber and Emma a text.

Niall's taking me out tonight at 5! I need help getting ready! We have to go shopping too! Hurry please!

Just a few seconds later Amber and Emma came running into my room, "We got your text! Congratulations!" They shouted and gave me a hug.

"Thanks! You too Amber!" I said excited.

"Thanks chick!" she laughed.

"Alright, alright we gotta get moving! We only have four hours to go shopping, get you showered, and do your hair and make-up!" Emma said and pushed me towards the bathroom, "put your clothes on from yesterday, we'll get a few more outfits while we're there."

"Fine. pushy, pushy." I joked and put my clothes from yesterday on. When I walked out, the girls weren't in the room. "Hello?" I asked searching for them. I glanced out onto the balcony and sure enough they were on it.

"Wow, you've got the best room in the house!" Emma said as she looked out into the view.

"Thanks. Come one, we should get going." I said gesturing for them to come back inside.

We walked out of my room to see all of the boys on the couch watching 'Friends' and texting.

"Hey guys, we're heading out to go shopping. Can we have your numbers just in case something happens with Nikki?" Amber asked and smirked at me.

"Yeah sure!" Harry exclaimed and gave us his number. Soon after the boys did the same.

"Wait! I wanna come!" Louis said jumping up from the couch and running to the door.

"How come? I wanted this to be just a girls thing!" Emma pouted.

"Because I want to spend time with my girlfriend! duh!" Louis said making everyone laugh and Emma feel embarrassed.

"Fine. we need someone to drive anyway." Emma moaned.

"I want to come too! I want to spend time with mine!" Niall said. There was now way he was going to be able to come with us. I wanted my new outfit to be a surprise.

"Well you're not allowed." Amber snapped.

"Why not? Nikki please?"  He sounded like a little kid that wanted an ice cream cone right before dinner.

"Sorry Niall, but not this time." I said and grabbed the door handle.

"Okay. Can i go the next time?" he asked giving me the puppy dog face.

 "Sure." I said and opened up the door. "Let's go guys!"

We all locked arms and skipped through the hallway. "La la la la la!" Louis chanted.

Amber, Emma and I started making our way towards the front door.

"NO!" Louis shouted. "We have to go out the back door or else we will be mobbed by fans and haters!"

The girls and I stopped right when he finished his statement. "Good idea" I said and we started walking the other way.

Louis led us to a bright red Lamborghini.

"Where did you get this?" Amber asked surprised.

"Well you know in our video diaries how I said I like girls who eat carrots?" Louis asked.

The girls and I nodded.

"Well, fans started sending me lots of carrots. So then I said that I like girls who have Lamborghini's. Well, one of my fans was nice enough to give me one!" He excitedly told us the whole story.

"You're so lucky you have dedicated fans!" I admitted and climbed into the back seat next to Emma.

"I know I am" He grinned and got into the driver's seat. "So, where to?"

"Do you know any good mall's around here?" I asked. Neither of us have been here before.

"Nope, I was hopping you did." Louis laughed. "I'll look one up.''

As soon as it loaded, he used his GPS to take us to the mall.

"So what are you guys getting anyway?" Louis asked as we walked into the mall doors.

"We're getting an outfit for Nikki to wear on her date with Niall tonight and a few more outfits for the next week or so." Emma said.

 "Cool! I haven't been shopping with girls before!" Louis exclaimed and started freaking out.

"LOUIS! You're going to draw attention to yourself and we won't have any time to get Nikki ready before he date tonight because we will be surrounded by fans!" Amber whisper-shouted and pulled his arm down.

"Yeah Louis!" I mocked Amber in a prissy voice.

"So what store do we need to hit up girls?" I asked and started walking to the directory.

"Belks and JcPenney's has the cutest dresses!" Emma squealed.

"To Belks then!" Amber declared while grabbing Louis and my hand. Emma held on to my free hand as we strutted through the mall.

Right as we walked into the store, Amber went CRAZY over a beautiful white crochet dress with a tie belt. Crazy enough she made me try it on.

I walked out and my friends' jaws dropped.

"That looks amazing on you Nikki!" Amber said and gave me a hug.

"Aww thanks Amber, I'm just nervous it won't work with the occasion." I said as I looked in the mirror, "It is beautiful though."

"Don't worry about it Nikki, it'll go amazing with what he's planned. Trust me. " Louis said and smiled.

"Alright, it's sold!" Emma jumped up and down.

"No, not quite." I said as I looked at the price tag.

"What's wrong?" Amber said and walked over to me. "Wow, that's a lot of money."

"How much is it?" Emma asked and took a seat.

"Too much." I said and started heading to the dressing room.

"I'll pay for it." Louis offered.

"I can't let you pay for this, it's too much." I turned around.

"It can't be THAT-" Louis started.

"It's about $160" I interrupted him.

"Pshh that's nothing! I buy it for you." He said and ran from us.

"Er, that was weird." Amber said.

"Yeah, a little bit!" I laughed and went into the dressing room to change out of the dress.

We were about to leave the store to go search the mall for Louis when he jumped out and scared us.

"Gottcha!" He said and laughed hysterically.

"Not funny!" Emma shouted. Louis and Emma started aruguing about the little joke but I wasn't really focused on it. I was focused on a Belks shopping bag Louis held in his hands.

"Louis, what's in the bag?" I interrupted their little fight.

"Oh, it's the dress you tried on!" He said and held the bag out for me to grab it.

"That's impossible, we left the dress in the dressing room." I said taking a step back. I really hated it when people bought me expensive stuff.

"I got one off the rack!" He said and took a step closer to me.

"You didn't! I told you not to buy it for me Louis!" I whinned.

"I know, but I could tell you really liked it." He said nicely and put the bag on my arm. "Niall will love it."

Right after he said that, I couldn't be angry anymore. When I heard Niall's name, I just wanted to be happy.

"You really think so?" I asked.

"Definitely." He smiled.

"Can we leave now? I really don't want to be here when your fans come." Emma complained.

"Yeah, lets go." Louis said and started walking back to the car.


 We walked into the room and saw that Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn haven't moved. Strange.

 "We're back!" Louis screamed and did a little happy dance.

 "Boo Bear!" Harry jumped up and gave him a hug.

 The girls and I walked into Niall's room and started getting everything ready.

 "Where did you get all of this stuff?" I asked looking at piles of make-up and a flat iron.

 "While you were changing Emma ran and got some. You take forever to change girl!" Amber laughed.

 "Thanks Emma." I said and sat on the chair in front of a mirror.

 "How should I do your make-up?" Emma asked circling me. (She was currently in beauty school.) Just then, Louis walked in making me jump.

 "Hey girls!" he said in a girly voice.

 "Heyy Louis!" I said using the same type of voice.

 "What's up?" He asked in his normal voice.

 "Emma's trying to figure out how to do Nikki's make-up" Amber said while throwing herself onto the bed.

 Louis whispered something into Emma's ear and her face lit up.

 "That's perfect Louis!" she said and started working her magic. When she finished, she straightened my hair and put it into a loose side ponytail.

 "This looks amazing!" I complimented Emma's mad skills and headed into the bedroom. Louis and Amber were laughing and joking around until they saw me.

 Louis, Harry and Amber were laughing and joking around on the bed, until they saw me.

 Harry's jaw dropped, "You look a-a-amazing."

 "Aww thanks Harry." I said, blushing. "What time is it Amber?" I looked into the mirror. You could still tell my bruise was there, but Emma did a good job trying to cover it up. My finger ran across it and it hurt a little, but it didn't feel as sore.

 Amber looked at her phone, "5:08"

 "Are you kidding?! I was supposed to be ready by 5!" I was totally freaking out. "Maybe if LOUIS didn't have that argument with me about buying the dress, I'd be on time!"

 "Oh please, if we didn't have that argument, you wouldn't be looking as good as you do" he stood up to get me my shoes. "AND it would have taken more time to find another dress."
I thought about it, and he did have a good point. "Fine, I guess you're right." I mumbled.

 "I know!" Louis smiled and handed me my blue sandals.

 I slid them on and started running around the room trying to gather up everything I need. I stuffed my phone and wallet into my purse and ran to the door. I was about to open it when I just stopped. My whole body froze. I guess I was just starting to understand what was happening. I was going on a date with Niall Horan. Not just any Niall Horan, THE Niall Horan.

 "What's wrong Nikki?" Amber whispered into my ear.

 "I can't go out there." I said taking a few steps back from the door.

 "What do you mean of course you can!" Amber said and rubbed my back.

 "No, I just can't!" I ran out onto the balcony. The view was truly beautiful.

 Someone walked up from behind me and looked out into the view next to me. I didn't bother checking who it was, they weren't getting any answers out of me either way.

 "This is such a great view." A familiar voice said.

 I looked over and saw Louis looking out into the open. I didn't know what to saw back so I just enjoyed the view a little longer.

 "What's on your mind, love?" He asked breaking the silence.

 "Honestly? You wouldn't understand." I said shaking my head.

 "Almost positive I would. I grew up with four little sisters." He laughed, "Come on, just tell me what's wrong"

 "What if the date doesn't go right and I embarrass myself in front of him?" I looked at him on the verge of crying.

 "You won't! It will all go just fine! I promise." He said looking me in the eye.

 "But what if it doesn't? I would die!" I started pacing back and forth.

 "It will all go great! He told me what he planned for you and it sounds amazing. And even if there was a slight chance of you embarrassing yourself, Niall wouldn't judge you wrong or anything." Louis said while trying to comfort me. "Now come on, you have a date to get to." Louis said and started towards the door.

 "Thanks Louis, for everything" I said as he held the door for me.

 "No problem." Louis said.

 I glanced at the time, 5:26, "Goodness Gracious, I'm very late!" I laughed with Louis.

 "It's okay, you're fashionably late!" He said and walked to the door. "Oooooh! Can I give your announcement?" Louis jumped up and down.

 "Sure why not!" I giggled and grabbed my bag.

 Louis walked out the door and cleared his throat, "It is my honor to announce, Nikki Greene!"

 I slowly walked out the door and saw everyone standing my the door. Niall started grinning from ear to ear.

 He pulled me into a tight hug, "You look fabulous." He whispered into my ear.

 "Thanks, you too" I smiled. He was wearing his famous red polo shirt, tan chinos and white supras. His hair was spiked up and looked so cute.

 "You ready?" He asked. I honestly didn't want to leave his arms, but I did want to be alone with him.

 "Yeah" I said and pulled away. He grabbed my hand and headed for the door.

 "Be safe my little children!" Louis shouted. "Niall, make sure she's back by 11! And remember, no PDA!"

 Everyone laughed. Louis always knew how to make us laugh and feel happy.

 "Bye guys!" I winked and walked out the door with Niall.


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