Stole My Heart (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Nikki Greene is just an ordinary American girl who dreams of meeting One Direction, just like many other directioners, Luckily, her best friends Emma Thompson and Amber Tant get her 3 front-row tickets to their concert! In this story, you get to see Nikki, her sister and a few of her friends go through adventures, relationships, ups and downs with the boys.


4. Chapter 4~Roomies!

Nikki's POV


I stood in the elavator silently as I was tired. It had been a long and exciting day. Who would have guessed that I would actually meet One Direction and sing with them on stage! It was the best birthday present ever!

"Hey Nikki, I forgot to tell you that you did AMAZING on your solo!" Amber broke the silence.

"Thanks but I wouldn't call it a solo, it was more of a duet kind of thing with Niall and Louis." I looked around and saw that Louis and Harry had guilty faces and were trying to hide from me. "What's going on?"

Harry and Louis looked at each other, "I might have accidentally stopped singing with you and gave u a solo." Louis said.

"Accidently on purpose!" Harry shouted.

"LOUIS!" I screamed and I felt mt face turn red. Just as I started to go at him, the elevator door opened and Louis ran out. I chased him until we got to the very end of the hall. "You're trapped now!"

He looked around trying to plan out his next move. Just then, he grabbed my phone out of my pocket and ran to the other boys. "You can't catch me!"

"Louis! Give it back!" I yelled and chased after him.

He ran behind the boys and 'hid'. Just as I looked behind them, Louis popped up with my phone in his hands, "I didn't know you had a twitter."

"Well now you do. WAIT! How did you get into my phone?!" I exclaimed. It had a password and he guessed it right.

"I put in One Direction and it didn't work. So I started putting in all of the boys names! It seems as if you fancy Niall." Louis smiled and just out of the corner of my eye, I saw Niall blush.

"Louis!" I snatched my phone back. 84 new followers, that's weird.

"What? It's true! I don't want to see what would be the cutest couple ever go to waste!" He laughed. "Oh by the way, I followed you on twitter." He said and started walking to the room. Amber followed him.

The other boys whipped out their phones and I'm guessing went onto twitter. "So did we!"

My phone started buzzing like crazy! I looked at it and saw that I had 272 new followers. "Alright, this is gonna take some getting used to."

We all walked back to the room. It was gorgeous! When you first walk in, there is a huge living room with cream colored walls. There were five different doors that lead to each of the boy's rooms.  A mini kitchen was placed in the back corner of the living room and a bathroom right across from it. The place was HUGE! There was even a hot tub though a pair of double doors.

"This place is amazing!" Emma said with wide eyes.

"It really is!" I added on.

"You guys are right. But it's nothing compared to the one's we have been at in Paris." Liam bragged. "Maybe you could come to one with us one day."

"Maybe" Emma winked.

The boys started heading to their rooms leaving Emma, Amber and I standing there awkwardly.

"You coming?" Louis asked Amber.

She ran into his bedroom with him and shut the door behind her. Now it was just Emma and I in the living room. We looked at each other clueless of what we should do.

"What do we do?" I whispered.

"I don't know!" She whispered back. "I guess sleep out here? It would be a little awkward sharing a bed with someone I barely know."

"I know right!" I said and grabbed a blanket from the end of the couch.

"Umm.. What are you doing?" Niall asked as I started to lay down.

"Um going to bed?" I said and sat back up.

"You sure you don't want a bed?" He asked.

"That would be nice." I stood up and walked over to him. I looked over my shoulder and saw Emma walking over to Liam's room. We both closed our doors at the same time.

I looked around the room. The bed was in the middle of the room. To the left of the bed was a closet and bathroom. To the right of it was a couch with red pillows. There was a beautiful balcony that gave you a fabulous view.

"This is incredible!" I turned to Niall.

"It's the best room here." He added and climbed into the king sized bed.

"I'm going to go take a shower." I started walking to the bathroom.

"Alright" he said.

I walked into the bathroom and grabbed two towels. Right after I undressed, I remembered I didn't have anything to change into. Just my luck! I wrapped the towel around me and headed to the door.

"Niall, can I borrow clothes to change into?" I asked and didn't get a response. Slowly, I opened the door and saw Niall sleeping on the bed. "Niall!"

"Hmm yeah?" He said just loud enough for me to hear.

"Do you have clothes I could change into?"

"Yeah" he got up and grabbed a over-sized t-shirt and sweats.

"Thanks" I blushed and went to go take my shower.

I stood under the hot water and let my muscles relax for a little bit. Then, I used the hotel shampoo to clean my hair. It wasn't anything like my usual shampoo but I guess it would work. I looked around to find conditioner without any luck. It turns out it was a 2 in 1 type of shampoo. The conditioner and shampoo was combined. Strange.

After I climbed out of the shower, I wrapped my hair in a towel and started to use the other one to dry off. I slid the clothes Niall gave me on and pulled my hair up into a messy bun. As I walked into the room, Niall was sleeping on his side. I slowly slid next to him, trying not to wake him.

He stirred a little and wrapped him arm around me. It felt a little weird at first but I felt safe too. Safe from what? I don't know, but I didn't want to leave him.


Amber's POV


I ran into the bedroom with Louis and closed to door behind us. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. We swayed side to side. His head was right next to mine when he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I turned around and saw the room. There was a bed in the right corner of the room that faced a large flat screen tv. Next to that was the bathroom and a walk-in closet. Louis grabbed me and started pulling me onto the bed.

"Will you go out with me Amber?" He asked while still holding my hand.

I nodded.

"Good, now it won't be as hard to do this." He said and started moving his face towards mine. Our lips collided and he kissed me gently. It started becoming more passionate.

"Louis?" I asked nervously.

"Yeah Hun?" He asked.

"We should get to bed, it's getting late and we have a big day tomorrow."

"Alright" he said and kissed my forehead before laying down.

"Goodnight" I whispered.

"Goodnight!" Louis shouted and made me smile. As we layed there, I noticed our bodies fit perfectly together.


Louis' POV


As I layed there next to her, I started thinking about how amazing she is and how lucky I am to have her as my girlfriend. She had beautiful brown eyes and straight brown hair that stretched all the way down to the middle of her back. She's a few inches shorter than me and is just beautiful!

I felt her breathing slow down and knew she was sleeping. I was just about to drift off to sleep when my phone vibrated on the night table.

'Hey Boo Bear!
-Hazza xx'

Why was Hazza texting me so late at night? I started to set a new message up for him.

'Hey Hazza! Shouldn't you be sleeping?
-Boo Bear xx'

I rested my phone on top of my chest and started to fall asleep. My phone vibrated again making me jump a little.

'Can't sleep.
-Hazza x'

'Why can't you sleep Hazza? Wanna talk in the living room?
-Boo Bear xx'

My phone buzzed again.

'Yes please!
-Hazza x'

I slowly made my way out of the bed, being careful not to wake Amber. She stirred a little bit but luckily didn't wake up.

As I walked out the door, I saw Hazza sitting on the couch waiting. Gosh he was quick! "How you doing Hazza?" I asked and sat next to him.

"Good, good. How are you?" He asked.

"Great actually. Amber and I are going out now." I smiled.

"That good" Harry said and looked away.

"What's wrong Hazza?" I asked and put my hand on his shoulder.

"Honestly? I'm jealous o-of Amber" he said mumbling Amber's name?

"How come?" I asked confused.

"Because she's taking you away from me." He said and looked at the ground.

"Aww it's okay Hazza, no one could ever replace you!" I said and rubbed his back, trying to comfort him.

"Really Boo Bear?" He asked and looked up at me.

"Definitely!" I exclaimed and he pulled me into a hug.

I looked at the clock on my phone, "We should get to bed."

"Okay." Hazza yawned and walked to his room. I slowly walked to mine and slipped into bed with Amber. Soon after, I fell asleep.


A/N- It's shorter.. but I kinda had writers block...


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