Stole My Heart (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Nikki Greene is just an ordinary American girl who dreams of meeting One Direction, just like many other directioners, Luckily, her best friends Emma Thompson and Amber Tant get her 3 front-row tickets to their concert! In this story, you get to see Nikki, her sister and a few of her friends go through adventures, relationships, ups and downs with the boys.


13. Chapter 13~Soccer and Ciara

Nikki's POV


We pulled up to the soccer fields at exactly 2:00. Niall carried me bridal style to the fields.

"Hey Coach!" I smiled as Niall sat me down on the bench.

"Hey Nikki!" She smiled, "How's my best player doing?"

"Great actually! Until I hurt my ankle." I said and looked down at my swollen, right ankle.

"What happened?" She gasped and kneeled down examining it.

"I twisted it on the way here." I lied so she wouldn't get mad at Niall. Coach Tammy always got mad when I was injured. Especially if she knew that someone did it to me.

"Are you going to be able to practice?" Coach Tammy asked and stood up again.

"Well, since the incident, I haven't put any pressure on it yet. My boyfriend, Niall, has been carrying me everywhere." I smiled and looked up at him.

"Alright, I don't think you should run at all during practice." She suggested.

"Okay." I smiled, looked up at Niall and then back to my coach, "Do you think Niall will be able to stay with me for practice? You know, just in case something happens to my ankle?"

Coach Tammy smiled, knowing that I just wanted to be by him, "That should be fine. You guys can come stretch with us if you'd like."

"Alright! Will do!" I smiled.

Niall picked me up and brought me to the middle of the field where the rest of the girls were. They all formed a cirle around Niall and I, for we were leading the stretches. All of the girls whispering about something, but I couldn't exactly understand what it was.

"So Niall, would you like to tell us a little about yourself?" My coach asked, obviously not knowing who he was.

"errrr, sure. I'm Niall Horan, Nikki's boyfried. I'm staying with her for a month until the lads and I have to go back to England." Niall said and leaned into the next stretch.

"Wait, the lads are here with you?!" Veronica asked excitedly.

"Yup!" Niall smiled.

"OMG! Tell Harry I love him for me?!" Veronica asked and started fangirling along with a lot of other girls.

"Sure" Niall laughed.

"Legs out in front!" I called, sat down on the green grass and fell into the stretch, "You guys missed it, Louis dropped us off a few minutes ago."

"Is he picking you guys up?!" Another girl smiled.

I nodded.

"OMG!" They all started fangirling again.

"Wait. Am I missing something here?" Coach Tammy asked confused.

Niall and I looked at each other. "Niall isn't just a regular boy. He's part of the British-Boyband, One Direction."

"Oh, okay. How did you guys meet?" She asked as we finished our stretches and just sat down in the grass.

"Well, I dont know if you guys remember but the last practice that I came to, all I was talking about was how I got One Direction tickets for my birthday. Guess what! They were also front row seats!" I smiled.

"And throughout the first couple of songs that the lads and I sang, Nikki and I kept on making lots of eye contact. And when it came time to echo Harry in 'Stand Up' I made sure that I was looking straight at her." Niall smiled and wrapped his arm around me.

"No one has ever done that to me before, so I blushed and shot my eyes to the ground. I heard Niall giggle a little into the microphone in background." I said.

"Then I sang to her during 'More Than This', making sure that my eyes were locked on hers." Niall smiled since he knew the story was coming to the good part, which he left for me to say.

"And him doing that, made me blush and smiled like a crazy idiot." I mumbled and buried my face into Niall's shirt.

"I doing this was wrong, but I just thought it was so cute, so I laughed hysterically into the mic. Everyone looked at me like I was the crazy idiot." Niall said emphasizing the words 'me' and 'I'.

"A few songs later, Niall made it a point that he was going to call someone up onto the stage. That lucky someone would get to hang out with them backstage during intermission. Niall, called me up."

"And I'm lucky I did, because I would have lost the love of my life if I didnt." He smiled and looked me in the eyes.

"Awww" Everyone cooed.

"The rest of the concert went swell! Until the incident." I said.

"What incident?!" Coach Tammy asked concerned.

"Well, the boys asked me to sing on stage with them so I did. And as I was walking to one side of the stage-" I started but was interrupted by a british accent.

"Hey guys! You forgot.your waterbottles in the car." Louis smiled and he place the bottles on the bench.

"Oh, Louis! We were just talking about you!" Niall laughed.

"Oh really?" He smiled and sat down next to me, "I wanna hear."

"Okay! So as I was saying, as I was walking to one side of the stage, I turned around right when Louis tried to do one of my Nialler's cool jumps. He failed and ended up kicking me in the face and sending me off the stage." I said.

Louis started frowning, "I'm sorry, Nikki."

"It's okay Boo Bear! I still love you!" I smiled and gave Louis a giant hug.

"What about me?!" Niall asked.

"I love you too Nialler!" I smiled and pulled him into the hug too.

"So that's why, my little Nikki's nose is still a little bruised up." Niall said and tapped my nose.

"Awww, these kids are the cutest couple in the world! Who's with me?" Louis smiled.

Everyone raised their hands high.

"Thanks everyone! Now, take 2 laps." I smiled.

They all groaned and started running around the field.

Louis and Niall started passing my soccer ball around.

"Coach Tammy, what did I miss on Tuesday?" I asked.

"We just practiced shooting. Something you don't need any help with." She laughed.

"Oh okay. What are we doing today?" I asked again.

"Today, you are just going to pass the ball around with Niall and Louis while the rest of the team works of containing the other team." Coach Tammy said.

"But I don't want to just pass the ball around! Can I practice penalty shots?" I pleaded.

"Fine. But try not to hurt yourself." She sighed and met the rest of the team in the middle of the field.

I walked over to the soccer goal and placed my ball onto the line. I took about 10 steps back and a few to the side.

Louis and Niall walked over to watch.

I took a deep breath in before running. I leaned my body over the ball and brought my foot to it. My foot positioning was great, but I didn't lock my ankle, therefore I fell because of the pain. Niall and Louis rushed to my side. Niall picking me up.

"Are you okay?" Louis asked.

I nodded as tears started to form in my eyes.

"What happened?" Niall asked as he carried me over to the bench.

"I didn't lock my ankle. So if wasn't firm when I kicked the ball." I said.

Niall ran his hand over my swollen ankle making me whimper.

"I think you need to take a break and go relax in bed." Niall suggested, stroking my arm.

"No." I said and stood up on my left foot. I gently put my right foot on the ground, but kept all of my weight on my left. My weight started shifting to the right side of my body, and I took a tiny step forward. A few steps later, I put too much weight on my right ankle and my body collapsed.

Niall swooped me up and carried me over to Coach Tammy, "I'm going to take Nikki home. She keeps hurting her ankle and she just needs to relax in bed for the day."

"That's fine. Feel better, Nikki." She smiled.

Veronica ran over to Niall and I, "Bye Nikki! Have fun with Niall! Just not too much fun." She winked.


Harry's POV


Lindsay and I were getting it on when a girl walked in.

"Woah! What is going on in here?!" She exclaimed, turning away.

"Don't worry about her." Lindsay whispered in my ear and pulled the covers over our naked bodies.

"Hello? Who the heck are you guys?!" She said with her face still turned the opposite direction.

"Errrr. I'm Harry Styles." I mumbled, "Who are you?"

"I'm Anna, Nikki's sister." She said and turned around to face us. She was beautiful. She had long, red, locks. Her loose curls bouced whenever she moved. Her big brown eyes starred into mine.

Lindsay looked up at Anna and then back to me, "just ignore that chick." She said and continued kissing down my chest. I kept my eyes locked on Anna's.

"Are you not interested anymore?" She said and pulled away from me.

"I'm just tired." I said keeping my eyes on Anna.

"Ughh whatever." She rolled her eyes and pulled her clothes on, "Goodbye forever! Don't miss me!" She smiled.

"Adios! I won't." I laughed and pulled on my shorts.

Lindsay gasped and stomped out of the room, putting on a great show for Anna and I.

"Who was she?" She asked with a little jealousy yet laughter in her voice.

"My ex-girlfriend." I laughed and got out of the bed shirtless.

"Nice. How old are you?" She asked.

"18. What about you?" I asked.

"16." She smiled.

We were quiet for a few minutes, until a girl with long, blonde hair walked in.

"Ciara? What are you doing here?" Anna asked surprised.

"I just wanted to meet Harry." She smiled and started playing with her hair.

"Well, I see you already know my name." I laughed.

"Who doesnt? You're Harry freakin Styles!" Anna laughed with me.

"True." I smiled, "I don't get why that makes a difference though."

"You have beautiful green eyes, luxurious and curly hair, you're so adorable, your voice is amazing, you're really funny and-"

"Hey, Anna can I talk to you alone for a second?" Ciara asked interrupting her.

"Not right-" Anna started but got pulled out of the room by Ciara.


Anna's POV


I walked into one of the guest bedrooms to see if my cousin's brush was still in there from when she slept over. Instead, I ended up walking in on two people in the middle of a naked make-out session. Quickly, I turned my face the other way to shield my eyes.

"Woah! What is going on in here?!" I screamed.

I heard a girl whisper something and the covers shift.

"Hello? Who the heck are you guys?" I asked concered. Who knew? They could be some random people that just came here because the door was open.

"err Harry Styles." A deep voice said, "Who are you?"

Harry Styles just asked who I was! Total fan girl moment!

I turned around to face them, "I'm Anna, Nikki's Sister"

He was beautiful. In all of the posters that hung in my room, he looked amazing, but even better in person.

"Just ignore that chick." I heard the girl mumble. Harry kept his eyes on mine, "Are you not interested anymore?!"

"I'm just tired." Harry said. I could totally tell he was lying though.

"Ughh whatever." She rolled her eyes and pulled her clothes on. Harry and I were trying hard not to start laughing hysterically.

"Goodbye forever! Don't miss me!" She smirked.

"Adios! I won't." Harry laughed.

The girl left the room pretty upse, "So who was she?"

"My ex-girlfriend" He laughed while climbing out of the bed... SHIRTLESS! So HOT!

"Nice, how old are you?" I asked, just trying to start conversation. I obviously knew everything about him and the lads. #2 Fan right here! If you're asking who #1 is, it's Nikki.

"18, how old are you?" he asked in his sexy and deep voice.

"16" I smiled.

We turned quiet until I saw Harry's eyes wonder somewhere behind me.

I turned around, "Ciara? What are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to come meet Harry." She smiled and started twisting her hair with her index finger.

"Well, you already know my name" Harry laughed and made his way closer to Ciara and I.

"Who doesn't?! You're Harry freakin' Styles!" I laughed with him. Ciara was kinda just standing there awkwardly.

"True." he smiled at me, "I don't get why that makes a difference though."

I started explaining all of the wonderful things about him when Ciara interrupted me, "Hey, Anna can I talk to you alone for a second?"

"No, not right-" I started but she dragged me out of the room.

"Ciara, what are you doing?!"

"Listen, Anna. Harry is now single and he is going to be mine. Got it?" She said.

"Yeah." I said and turned my head to the ground.

"So, now you're going to get your little butt back in there and tell Harry about how amazing I am" She smiled and pushed me towards the door.

"Hey! You're back!" Harry smiled and walked over to give Ciara a hug.

He made his way over to me when Ciara stopped him, "Oh, it's fine, I'll just have Anna's hug too."

My heart sunk. Was she really doing this to me? Not only was she one of Nikki's best friends but she was also one of mine. I've always talked about meeting Harry and wishing that I could date him, and she didn't mind since she had a boyfriend back then. But I guess now that they broke up she wants Harry too.

"You sure Anna? I give good hugs!" He smiled, like he would actually want to give me a hug. Ciara made a face telling me to let her have it.

"Yeah, it's fine." I mumbled and crossed my arms. Harry's expression changed from super happy to pretty sad and let down.

He walked over to Ciara and gave her another hug.

Right before pulling away, she shot me a smirk, "He's Mine"

I really didn't understand what I did to deserve all of this. I've never done anything to hurt her. Was it because her ex broke up with her and she was just in a witchy mood? Or maybe because I did something that I don't know about and she's going for revenge. I don't know, but whatever it was, I must have been my fault.


Ciara's POV


I kinda feel bad for doing all of this to Anna. We've been really good friends forever but, I really do want Harry, even if it ruins my friendship. Honestly, if I had a choice, I wouldn't be doing this. Maddie is the only reason I am. If I don't, she'll probably do something horrible to me and I really can't have a fear of that right now.

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