Stole My Heart (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Nikki Greene is just an ordinary American girl who dreams of meeting One Direction, just like many other directioners, Luckily, her best friends Emma Thompson and Amber Tant get her 3 front-row tickets to their concert! In this story, you get to see Nikki, her sister and a few of her friends go through adventures, relationships, ups and downs with the boys.


12. Chapter 12~Home!

Niall's POV


We pulled into Nikki's driveway at about 10:00 after stopping at iHop for breakfast. It was a one story house with white, vinyl siding and green shutters. Looking at the house, the garage was on the left side and the front door in the middle of the front porch. Windows on both sides. Two large Bradford pear trees stood in the middle of the yard. Bushes and flowers outlining the sides of the house.

"Welcome to my house!" Nikki smiled.

"And ours!" Emma and Amber exclaimed in unison,

"Come on! Let's go!" Nikki laughed and pulled me to the front door. She punched in the code for the lock and opened up the door.

We walked into a tan colored hallway with a beautiful pattern painted in white. There was a brown mail-table to the right of us with pictures of Nikki and her sister Anna.

"Okay guys! My family isn't home right now. My parents are at work and my sister is out at her friend's house, so would you guys like a tour of the house?" Nikki asked.

The boys and I looked at each other, "sure why not?"

"Alright! Follow me!" She smiled and led us to the back door.

Their backyard was massive! Trees were planted along the front side of the fence. A trampoline was in the left section of the yard leaving the middle of it wide open. There was a soccer goal in the right part. In the very back was a guest house that looked exactly like the main but just smaller.

"This is the guest house. There are only two bedrooms in it so Zayn and Maggie can share a room while Harry and Lindsay share the other." She said.

"Looks like this is our stop!" Harry smiled at Lindsay and pulled her into a bedroom. Zayn and Maggie took the other one.

Nikki brought us back into the house, "As you can probably tell, this is the living room."

When you first walk in the door, there is a black, leather recliner to the left that sat in front a fireplace. On top of the fireplace were some more pictures of Anna and Nikki with candles in the middle. Hanging above it was a family picture that was taken on a cruise they went on when they were younger. A dark brown coffee table was in the middle of the room with light brown couches around it. Bright colored pillows spread across them to brighten up the room. A large white board hung on the wall next to the door way to the hall. The TV and entertainment center sat next to the door way to the kitchen. Above the door way was a ledge holding trophies.

"Nikki, whose trophies are these?" I asked and pointed up at the 8 trophies on the ledge.

"Those are my dad's. He manages the Firestone Complete Auto Care in town and has won lots of awards. He is really good at his job and runs one of the best Firestone's in the country." She explained.

"You make an excellent tour guide." I smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Alright! Alright! Please continue with the tour!" Louis said obnoxiously.

Nikki shot him the evil eye and led us into the kitchen, "This is the kitchen! Niall's new favorite room!"

I laughed uncontrollably and took a good look around the room. The kitchen table was covered by a red table cloth and sat by 3 windows. The window in the middle was bigger than the others. The kitchen was built just like a kitchen. A sink, oven, stove, microwave and refrigerator/freezer. While no one was looking I opened up the refrigerator and saw loads of food. YUM!

 We then walked into Nikki's mom's office. There was a desk in the middle of the room with a red laptop sitting on it. Her shelves had lots of pictures of her daughters. The walls were blue and green stripes.

"I love these walls!" Louis smiled.

"I knew you would!" Nikki laughed and led us through hallway and living room to the hall with their bed rooms.

When you first walk into the hallway, Nikki's room is on the right, and Amber's is on the left. The bathroom and Emma's room split the center. To the right of the bathroom, there was a 90° angled corner. On that wall was a closet where the towels were kept. It's not a traditional long hallway; it's more like a room outside of all of the bedrooms.

"Nikki, where is your parents and Anna's room?" Liam asked.

"My parents' room is in the guest house and Anna's room is the attic." she said.

"Yes!" Louis mumbled making all of us laugh.

"Does Harry and Zayn know that?" I smiled.

"Nope!" Nikki giggled, "They can find out on their own."

 "Let's go check out the rooms!" Liam suggested and walked into Emma's room.

"Let's check out your bed." Louis winked and pulled Amber into her room.

Nikki held out her hand for me to grab, "Want to go get all of your stuff out of the bus?"

"Sure." I smiled and walked out to the bus with her.

I walked into her room carrying a few bags. Her walls were a bright green color and all of her furniture was pure white. To the right of me was her dresser containing 6 drawers. On top of her dresser was a blue TV, a few stuffed animals and pictures of her and her family. Long necklaces and medals hung from her mirror. Her desk held many books and a small, pink laptop that had speakers connected to it. Her daybed was against the wall and held lots of stuffed animals, pillows and a red blanket. On the back part of the bed, hung a blanket with animal prints on it. Two, white doors led to her closet. I looked around the room again, but this time I noticed something else; many One Direction posters were tapped on her walls.

"Nikki, I just absolutely LOVE your posters!" I smiled.

She blushed bright red "Thanks."

Just then, the doorbell rang.


Nikki's POV


Niall and I walked towards the front door along with Liam, Emma, Amber and Louis. I opened the door to see all four of my friends, and Maddie. I guess you could call her a friend, but she's kinda mean to me sometimes. When my eyes met Maddie's she flashed me an evil smirk.

"What are you doing here?" Emma asked, mainly looking at Maddie. She stepped in front of me. I'm guessing she probably saw Maddie's smirk. Emma was always the one that would stand up for me.

"Oh, we just wanted to welcome you guys back! And maybe get to meet the boys and introduce ourselves?" Ciara smiled. Ciara had long blonde hair and green eyes. She was 5'9 and very skinny.

"I'll start. Hi, I'm Amanda! I like down the road. I'm 17 and yeah! I love having fun and partying, but I am also very responsible." She smiled.

"Hi! I'm Ciara! I'm 16 and I absolutely love cheer leading and hanging with my family and friends!" Ciara said really excited to meet the boys.

"I'm Torie! Call me'T'! I live a block or two away and I’m 16. I am very cheeky and like to have fun! I can also be very sarcastic so, you have been warned." She winked at Liam.

"My names Ashley. I'm 19 and single." she wiggled her eyes at Louis. "I'm really sassy and cheeky, too."

We all looked over at Maddie who stood there with her arms crossed and no real emotion on her face.

"Maddie, about you!" Amber laughed.

"I'm Maddie. I'm 16, and head cheer leader." She said carelessly.

"That probably won't last long." Ashley mumbled.

"ASHLEY, SHUT UP!" Maddie exclaimed. "I'm also leader of all these girls."

"Okay!" Amber said, breaking the awkward silence, "This is my amazing Louis!"

"This is my adorable Liam." Emma said and Liam wrapped his arm around her.

"And this is my Nialler." I smiled, emphasizing the word 'MY'. Maddie was staring at Niall and me when Niall wrapped his arm around my waist and held me tightly.

We were all silent.

"Okay! So, you guys came, met the boys, now leave." Emma said looking at Maddie who was still staring at Nialler and I.


Emma's POV


As soon as the door opened and I saw Maddie, I jumped in front of Nikki, "What are you doing here?"

Ciara said something but I wasn't paying attention. The question was really meant for Maddie to answer. We had a stare down for a few minutes until she moved onto Nikki and Niall.

The girls were talking about themselves and soon enough it was Maddie's turn.

"Maddie, about you!" Amber laughed trying to get the tension off of me.

"I'm Maddie. I'm 16, and head cheer leader." She said carelessly.

"That probably won't last long." Ashley mumbled.

"ASHLEY, SHUT UP!" Maddie exclaimed. "I'm also leader of all these girls." she gave me a smirk.

 We were all silent until Amber introduced Louis to the girls. As she did, I saw Ashley's eyes light up.

Torie or T's eyes lit up as I said Liam's name, which did not make me happy. Liam had good timing though; he wrapped his arm around me.

Nikki finished it off and introduced Niall. Maddie's eyes were locked on the happy couple the whole time. Niall must have noticed because he wrapped his arm around Nikki's waist and made sure his grip was really tight.

"Okay!" I started, “So, you guys came, met the boys, now leave." I said pointing out the door and giving Maddie a death stare.

"But I wanna meet Harry!" Ciara whined.

"And I wanna meet Zayn!" Amanda exclaimed.

"They are busy!" I said getting aggravated. I didn't hate the girls at all; I just wanted Maddie to get away from Niall and Nikki. She's been known to steal Nikki's boyfriends from her.

"Doing what?" Torie and Ashley asked in unison with their eyebrows raised. They laughed and high-fived each other.

"They're just busy." I snapped and started to close the door on them, "Sorry if I'm acting somewhat rude today. Kinda tired and grumpy."

"Oh it's-" One of them started and I just slammed the door shut.

"What was that all about?" Liam asked.

 "Maddie." I said and walked back into my room with Liam close on my heels.


Maddie's POV


We walked over to my house and into my bedroom.

"Who else nearly had a heart attack when they met the boys?" I smirked.

"Me!" All of the girls said together.

"Who wants them to be our boyfriends?" I said.

"But Niall, Liam and Louis are already taken." Amanda frowned.

"But I have a feeling, that we like the boys more than the other girls do." Ashley smiled.

"You're starting to think like I am, Ashley." I grinned, "We are going to break them all up and steal the boys."

"Who gets who?" Ciara asked.

"I don't care. As long as Niall is mine." I smirked again.

"I get Harry!" Ciara shouted.

"I get Louis!" Ashley giggled.

"Liam's mine." Torie grinned,

"I have Zayn!" Amanda said.

"We start soon. Keep your phones by you." I dismissed them. Niall is soon to be mine(:



Nikki's POV


The six of us were all relaxing on the couch when my parents walked in.

"Hey mom! Hey dad! Home for your lunch break?" I jumped up and gave them hugs.

"Mhmmm, Nikki who are all of these boys?" My dad asked.

"They look rather, familiar." Mom said looking at all of them.

"They are part of the british-boyband, One Direction." I smiled, "The other two are in the guest house with their girlfriends."

"Why are they back there?" My dad asked.

"Oh, well they have a month break before they have to go back to England and they wanted to stay in America so I told them they could stay here with us!" I smiled.

"Alright. But where are they sleeping?" He asked again.

"In our rooms?" I asked.

"Fine." My mother said and walked into the kitchen, "by the way, Nikki you have soccer practice at 2."

"Alright." I said.

With that, my parents left a few minutes later.

"Nikki, you play soccer?" Niall asked and walked into my room with me.

"Yup!" I smiled.

"That's cool, I love soccer! Are you any good?" he asked.

"MVP since I've started playing. I've always been to every game and played for the whole game."

"That's cool. Can I go to soccer practice with you?" Nialler pleaded.

"Sure, why not." I giggled and closed the door on Niall before he could enter.

"Hey! Let me in!" He laughed and started banging on the door.

"I have to change, babe!" I laughed.

"Exactly! So let me in!" He said. I couldn't see it but I could just imagine a cheeky smile growing on his face.

"No, you dirty boy" I laughed some more.

"Please? It's not like I haven't seen you half naked before!" He said making a good point. I could hear the others laughing in the back ground.

I wasn't going to let him in so I just started to take off my clothes. Right when I pulled my shirt and shorts off, my door opened. I stood there, surprised.

Niall closed the door behind him. He walked behind me and wrapped his arms around my bare tummy. His warm shirt rubbing against my cold back.

"Niall I have to get ready. Practice is at 2 and I have to be there by 1:30." I said trying to pull myself out of his strong grip. In the process I twisted my ankle while stomping.

"My ankle!" I whimpered and dropped to the floor.

"What happened?" Niall asked and carried me onto my bed.

"I twisted it." I said while rubbing it, "Now I can't go to soccer."

"Why not?" He asked and gave it a kiss.

"Because I won't be able to kick the ball or anything. Even if I could, I wouldn't be able to leave because I can't get dressed."

"I can do it for you." Niall smiled.

"It's fine, Niall." I said standing up and balencing on my left leg. I hopped over to my closet and got shorts and a t-shirt. I sat back down on my bed and pulled my shirt over my head. Then, I struggled to slip my shorts on but finally got it.

Niall frowned, "It would have been sexier if I did it."

"Aww I know Niall." I said giving him a kiss.

He then carried me bridal style out the the car.

"errr Niall. Who's gonna drive?" I asked since neither of us could.

"LOUIS!" He yelled.

"What?!" He excclaimed and ran out the front door.

"Drive us to soccer?" I asked.

"Alright." He smiled and climbed into the car.


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