Stole My Heart (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Nikki Greene is just an ordinary American girl who dreams of meeting One Direction, just like many other directioners, Luckily, her best friends Emma Thompson and Amber Tant get her 3 front-row tickets to their concert! In this story, you get to see Nikki, her sister and a few of her friends go through adventures, relationships, ups and downs with the boys.


11. Chapter 11~Filler

Niall's POV


Nikki screamed and started tossing and turning in the bed, "No! Niall! You lied!"

I lied? What was she talking about? I didn't do anything to her.

"What's wrong Nikki?" I asked, shaking her shoulders and waking her.

Her eyes opened and I saw that she had tear stains on her face.

"Niall?" She sat up.

"Yes love?" I asked and pushed her hair out of her face.

"I had a horrible dream." She frowned and leaned up against my bare chest.

"What was it about?" I asked and rubbed her arms.

"You cheated on me with my friend" She whimpered and started taking deep breaths, trying to calm herself down.

"It was only a dream, love. Cheating on you has and will never even be a thought." I smiled and kissed the top of her head.

"I know Niall. And it will be the same way for me." She smiled and layed back down, falling alseep instantly.

I quietly climbed out of bed and onto the couch in the front of the bus.My heart racing. What was I supposed to do about all of this? She keeps thinking I'm going to cheat on her and I have already promised I won't. There was only one person that I could talk to in a situation like this. The 1D Crush Counseler; Louis Tomlinson.

I pulled out my phone and texted Louis.

'Hey Lou! Sorry to wake you but I need some girl advice. Think you can help? 

~Nialler xx'

A few minutes later I heard Louis' phone vibrate on his bed and him texting away.

'It's fine Nialler. I'll be out in a few minutes. 


It seem like forever until Louis tip-toed out to where I was.

"Dr. Tomlinson at your service!" He smiled and sat down next to me.

"Why did you take so long Louis?" I asked wiggling my eyes.

"Oh. Erm.. I had to make sure I didn't wake anyone." He said unsure.

"Really?" I asked, "you sure you didnt have to get dressed?"

"How did you know?! He exclaimed somewhat quietly.

I started laughing, "I didn't!"

"You better not tell anyone!" He whisper-yelled.

"I won't." I said, "But back to buisness. I don't know what to do about Nikki."

"What's wrong?" He asked and repositioned himself on his seat.

"She keeps talking about her friends stealing all if her boyfriends and she's nervous they're gonna steal me too. I promised that I wouldn't ever think of cheating on her and she believed me. But just a few minutes ago, she woke up from a bad dream. In it, I cheated on her with her best friend." I said. Louis nodding every few seconds, signaling that he understood me. "So what do you think?"

"I don't think it's cause she purposely thinks you'd cheat on her. I think it's just that she doesn't want to be hurt again so it's just an instinct." He said after a few moments of thinking, "do you get it?"

"Yeah, I understand." I said.

"Good! Now get to bed Nialler, it's late." Lou said and headed back to bed.


Amber's POV


Louis' phone vibrated on the bed in the middle of our make-out session. He tried pulling away to check it but I pulled him back into a kiss.

"Please. Ignore. It." I asked 

inbetween kisses.

"Babe, I'm just going to check to see what it was." He smiled and reached for his phone.

"It's Niall, darling. He needs girl advice." He whispered, now knowing he was up.

"Please just stay here with me." I begged.

"I'll be 5 minutes. Promise." He smiled and gave me a kiss.

As he was putting on his shirt and shorts, I positioned my self into a 'sexy' position so when my boobear would turn around to see me, maybe he would change his mind.

He turned around and looked me up and down, "You're too cute!"

I blused red as he kissed my cheek.

"I'll be back." He smiled giving me a good look again.

"And I'll be waiting." I smirked as he climbed out of the bed.

I heard talking come from the front of the bus but couldn't make anything out.

Just like he promised, a few minutes later Louis came back to bed with me.

"What was wrong with Niall, babe?" I asked and pulled him next to me.

"Well, Nikki has been thinking about how her friends back at home might steal him from her." He said.

"Oh yeah, there's a group of girls back home that like to steal her boyfriends. It's horrible." I told him and rested my head on his chest.

"I haven't met the girls, but they sould like complete witches. Who would ever want to be so mean to Nikki?" Louis said.

"Well most of them are really nice, but there's one of them, that leads them all." I explained and climbed on top of him.

"Then why does she call them friends?" He asked looking my body up and down.

"Bceuase they are her friends, all except for the leader."

"Ahh okay." He said and kissed my deeply.


Nikki's POV


I woke up the next morning in an open bed. Niall's spot was still warm siganling me that he just left not too long ago.

"Niall?" I called and didn't get an answer. It was very strage, he usually stayed in bed with me until I woke up.

There wasn't an answer. I walked to the front of the bus and saw all of the boy having a little meeting.

"Niall?" I asked.

"Yes, love?"

"What's going on?" I asked again.

"We're just having a group meeting." He smiled, "nothing to worry about."

"Okay Nialler, wrap it up please!" I grinned, "I love you!"

"Love you-" Niall started.

"Okay, okay we get it! Can we please continue now?" Harry asked getting aggravated.

"Looks like someone's jealous that they don't have a girlfriend." I stuck my tounge out.

"What are you talking about? Lindsay is my girlfriend." he made a weird face.

"If she was your girlfriend then why isn't she on the bus?" I asked crossing my arms.

The boys looked at Harry when he talked and at me when I did. Their heads looking back and forth.

"She is on the bus! She's in my bed!." He smiled.

"Mhmmm sure. I', gonna go check. Who's with me?!" I laughed and raised my right arm.

All of the boys except for Harry jumped up and ran over to me.

"Don't check right now, she's sleeping and probably still naked because of-" He started but stopped himself.

"Someone had a little fun last night, ehh?" Louis said racing towards Harry's bunk with all of us following.

"One." Louis wisphered, "Two"

"THREE!" We all shouted and Louis pulled the curtain back. There she was, sleeping peacefully and naked.

"EWWWWW!" Louis exclaimed and backed up.

Lindsay's eyes shot opened as she pulled the covers over her body.

"What are you doing?!" She exclaimed."HARRY!"

 "Guys! Leave her alone!" He ran over and pushed us out of the way.

"Guys what's going on?" A very tired Emma dna Amber walked out.

"We just found out Harry had a gf and has already done 'it' with her." I laughed.


A/N- I know, it's short.. but it's just a filler(:

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