Stole My Heart (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Nikki Greene is just an ordinary American girl who dreams of meeting One Direction, just like many other directioners, Luckily, her best friends Emma Thompson and Amber Tant get her 3 front-row tickets to their concert! In this story, you get to see Nikki, her sister and a few of her friends go through adventures, relationships, ups and downs with the boys.


14. Chaoter 14~Uh-Oh

Maggie's POV


"So let me get this straight, when I was talking to you about what happened in midd, you already knew the story?" Zayn asked me while laughing a little bit.

"Yup! Every minute of it!" I smiled.

"And how did you not laugh hysterically?" he asked, "I know that I wouldn't be able to hold it back"

I thought about it all again, "Honestly, it was pretty hard. Especially when it all happened. Do you remember Riley?"

"Yeah, a little bit." Zayn said putting his thinking face on.

"She knew that my name wasn't Martha." I laughed at his reaction.

"WHAT?! How?" He asked jumping out of his seat, "So you guys just let me embarrass myself?"

I laughed, "I told her after you left for your class."

"You know what this means right?" Zayn asked with his adorable accent.

"No I don't, what does it-"

"TICKLE WAR!" He demanded and started tickling my stomache.

"No! Please! Stop!" I said in between laughs. My arms were flying all over the place. We rolled onto the floor and Zayn climbed on top of me starting to tickle me again.

"Zayn, if you don't stop, I'll mess up your hair!"

I smiled and he suddenly stopped, "You wouldn't."

"Oh, but I would" I smirked and rolled out of his grip, I was still laying on the ground.

"No, no, no. You aren't going anywhere." Zayn smirked while climbing on top of me. His arms were extended on both sides of me, holding himself up.

"What are you doing?" I giggled and looked into his big, brown eyes.

"Something I should've done the first day I met you." He smiled and brought his face closer to mine. He looked into my eyes, and he brushed his lips against mine. A few seconds later, our lips were locked.

Just then, a very angry Lindsay walked in, "We are leaving NOW!"

"What? No! We can't leave." I pulled out of the kiss.

"But we have to! Harry isn't intrested in me anymore!" She exclaimed. Her face turned red and I could tell that she was just fuming.

"But, I'm with Zayn and we're working out just fine" I said.

"We are leaving! RIGHT NOW!" She screamed. I was so tempted to leave with her, but it was time for me to stick up for myself. She has been bossing me around for a long time.

"Listen Lindsay, you have been bossing me around for a while and I am sick and tired of it! You can leave by yourself, while I stay here and do what I want." I said sternly.

Lindsay looked at me in shock and stormed out of the room.

"What as that all about?" Zayn asked helping me stand up.

"Lindsay had always bossed me around and I finally had enough of it." I shook my head and Zayn helped me up.

"Ahh, okay." He smiled, "Do you wanna go to dinner tomorrow night?"

"Sure! I'd love to!"

"Okay. Be ready at 5." He winked and headed out to the bus for the concert. Im guessing all of the lads were out there waiting.

I ran into what I guess you would call the 'main house' to try and find Nikki and her friends.

"Nikki! Amber! Emma!" I exclaimed trying to find them.

"Everything okay?" Nikki, Emma and Amber walked in the front door.

"Zayn asked me to dinner tomorrow!" I smiled, "Will you guys help me get ready?"

They all looked at each other, "Sure!"

"I'll do your make-up!" Emma smiled.

"I'll do your hair!" Nikki grinned jumping up and down.

"I'll pick out your outfit!" Amber smiled ear to ear.

"Can I do your nails?" A voice behind me asked.

I turned around and saw a girl with long, red hair.

"Sure," I started, "May I asked who you are though?"

"Oh! I'm Anna, Nikki's little sister." She giggled.

"Oh! Nice to meet you!" I gave her a friendly smile and shook her hand.

"Maggie, where did Lindsay go?" Emma asked, "I saw her leave a few minutes ago but I was busy kis-" She stopped herself, "I was busy hugging Liam"

"You mean k-i-s-s-i-n-g?" Amber laughed.

"Whatever! It's not like you and Louis don't kiss!" Emma whinned and stuck her tounge out at Amber.

"Enough!" Nikki laughed, "Now Maggie, do you know where she went?"

"She said she was leaving. Something about Harry not being interested in her." I said trying to remember the conversation. As soon as I finished, I saw Anna's expression change. It must have had something to do with her too.

"Oh, okay." Emma said.

We stood there quietly for a while.

"I don't love you! I love Nikki!" We heard Niall call.

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