Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Jayna Coleman met her true love- Over Skype? Jayna was a two-faced girl looking for love. But when she accidentally types in the wrong Skype name, and she writes to Louis Tomlinson, her world turns upside-down. Could world famous teenage heartthrob love this pretty, preppy, sweet, yet small town insecure girl? Who knew miracles could actually happen? Can Louis love Jayna's dark side?


4. The Rules Of Being A Prep

I wake  up Monday morning, dreading to go to school. Never the less, I get up anyways and pick out my clothes. I had to be careful, being a prep. I liked my edgy style I wore at home, not ever in public though, in fear a student from school would see me, and find out about the real me. Preps wore skirts, dresses; pretty much barely ever pants. And if so, only jeans and trackpants on Fridays, and even then no holes or rips were allowed in the jeans. Absolutely no sneakers. Toms, UGGs, ballet flats, and heels were the only acceptable shoes. Plus they couldn't be off-brand, only Toms, UGGs, Guggi, and a bunch of other preppy shoes I forgot. The worst part, though? Absolutely NO Connverse ChuckTaylor All-Stars (unless they were pink- blechh.) or DCs.

I dressed in a floral dress, peach leggings, a jean jacket, a brown band around my waist, and a pair of brown UGGs. I combed through my black hair, then straighted it. Yet another rule of the Popoulars- No braids, pontails once a week, no messy hair, no curls if it's somebody else's trademark (Britt's), so that pretty much left me with straightening only. I grabbed my purse from Rue 21(I told the clones it was from Forever 21 instead), and my books; apparently heaving your books in your arms was cooler than carrying them (easily) in a backback. "Bye mum, bye dad!" I shouted as I stepped into the (freezing!) winter air, waiting at the bench on the corner for my boyfriend, Jesse. He could be such an arse sometimes; I had no clue why I was dating him. Ash and Britt told me he was good for my 'image'. I sighed as he pulled up; might I add fifteen minutes late.

"Hey baby," Jesse smirked at me as I climbed in the side of his car. "You're late," I snapped. "Drive."

"Sassy, much? I could ease that away from you, you know," Jesse flirted as he began to drive forward, towards our school. He placed his hand on my knee, and I stiffened as he slid it up highed, into my dress. I slapped his hand away. "No, no, don't do that," I said as he pulled his hand back. "You should be grateful," Jesse said, "most girls in our class would be happy, even willing to do it with me." I scoffed under my breath, "Not me." Finally, we arrived at school. I rushed out of Jesse's car, not even saying goodbye. I needed to dump him.

I reached my locker, stuffing my math book in and taking out my science binder, notebook, and book. I closed the door to my locker, and was scared by the Clones standing there. "Hi Jayna!" Britt squeaked. "Uh, hi," I said. "What's up with you?" Ash questioned me. "And why are you wearing those tights with that dress, and that belt?! Are you an idiot?! Damn, you're lucky you have us!" Asshley nearly screamed. "Let her talk, Ash!" Britt said. "Well.... I think I'm gonna break up with Jesse," I sighed.

"What?!" Britt and Ash shouted, giving us the entire hallway their attention."I can't speak to you anymore!" Ash sqeualed, her and Britt sashaying down the hall. "I, uh, gotta go, bye," I mumbled, rushing off to my homeroom, science, with Mr.Hendrick. I knew how much he hated it when I was late. I sat down at my desk behind Nick, and infront of Tyler, might I add who both loved to tease me. They were Jesse's bestfriends, big shocker, huh? Both idiots like him.

"Hey babe," Nick cooed. I groaned. This would be a long fifty minutes. "Nice dress," Tyler added. I knew he was about to say something along with that, yet I still said, "Thanks, I guess." Tyler whispered into my ear, "But it look better on my bedroom floor." I rubbed my temples and shook my head as Tyler and Nick fist-bumped eachother. "Perverts," I grumbled. Nick heard me. "So what? Jesse is cheating on you anyways." My heart began to pound, though I still didn't like him that much. "What the hell are you talking about?" I snapped. "Nick and I walked in on him and Sophia doing it," Tyler said. "No, your lying," I said, not believing him. "Whatever, but it's true," Nick popped in. The bell rang, ending our conversation.

"Alright students, take your seats, and be quiet," Mr.Hendrick snapped. I faced foward. "Turn to page 394 in your books, please. Hush, Mr.Edwards. Pull up you pants Mr.Matthews!" Mr.Hendrick ordered. The day slowly dragged on, until finally it ended, thank goodness. Time to get home.

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