Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Jayna Coleman met her true love- Over Skype? Jayna was a two-faced girl looking for love. But when she accidentally types in the wrong Skype name, and she writes to Louis Tomlinson, her world turns upside-down. Could world famous teenage heartthrob love this pretty, preppy, sweet, yet small town insecure girl? Who knew miracles could actually happen? Can Louis love Jayna's dark side?


15. Sleep Tight Boo

Jayna helped me throw away all the glass from her broken lamp, with a promise not to cut again. I dragged her into her livingroom to watch a movie. She handed me a box, and let me choose. 

"Let's watch The Five Year Engagment!" I yelled. Jayna laughed, "Alright, I haven't seen that one yet!" I popped the movie in and pressed play, my arm around Jana's shoulders.

After an hour and a half, the movie was over, and Jana was fast asleep in my arms. I kissed her forehead. "Goodnight my boo," I whispered against her head. Suddenly the door bursted open, revealing a boy about my age strolled in. I rolled Jayna over onto the couch, standing up and walking over to him. "Man, who are you? And why are you with my sister?" The boy asked, looking worried. "I'm Louis, Jayna's friend. You her brother?" "Yeah, I'm Brody, but um, why are you here?"

I ran my fingers through my hair. "Mate, I screwed up. I blamed her for something stupid then took a long time to talk to her. I didn't listen to her. I'm here to make it up to her. I'm staying Alabama a week," I sighed. "That's bad bro. Listen, I'm heading off to bed. My parents won't be home tonight, but don't you dare touch Jane. Okay?"

"Yeah, of course mate.  Wouldn't dare to. Nice meeting you," I said, shaking his hand. Brody smiles a bit and heads upstairs. I grin a bit to myself and sit next to Jana. I softly stroke her cheek with the back of my fingertips. She fluttered her eyes open slowly. "Uh, sorry J-Jayna, didn't mean to, er, w-wake you up," I stuttered. Jayna lightly giggled. "Why do you always stutter when you talk to me Lou?" I smile. "You make my heart rush, making it h-harder to  talk," I said. And it was the total truth. I picked Jayna up in my arms and carried her to her room, laying her under the covers and tucking her in. "G'night love," I whispered, turning on my heel to leave, but she wrabbed my wrist.

"Louis, don't leave me! I feel lonelyyyyyyyyyyy," Jayna dragged on. I raised my eyebrows but nonetheless, sat at the edge of her bed. "Go to sleep," I whispered in her ear, making her shiver. I turned off her lamp, and laid next to her in my sweatpants and shirt. Jana snuggled into my chest and I grinned.

"Sleep tight boo," I whispered.









Sorry, this chapter was a filler... Writing so many stories drains out your ideas.

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