Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Jayna Coleman met her true love- Over Skype? Jayna was a two-faced girl looking for love. But when she accidentally types in the wrong Skype name, and she writes to Louis Tomlinson, her world turns upside-down. Could world famous teenage heartthrob love this pretty, preppy, sweet, yet small town insecure girl? Who knew miracles could actually happen? Can Louis love Jayna's dark side?


18. Pinky Promise

Louis' P.O.V

I awoke, feeling a stir in my arms. I looked down and smiled groggily, looking at Jayna. I snuggled closer to her. It was still dark out, rain pouring down in waterfalls.

As thunder boomed in the sky, Jayn jerked and whimpered in her sleep, and tightly hugged my torso. I stroked her hair, wishing I coulld call her mine. I mean, I know she likes me! Why wouldn't she just accept it?! I sighed, closing my eyes into another sleep.

Jayna's P.O.V

I heard thunder roar in the sky, jolting me awake. I squeezed Louis' chest as I whimpered. He stroked my hair softly; he must be awake. I squeezed my eyes shut as more thunder boomed. I could see a flash; must be lightning. I was able to fall asleep, but nearly half an hour later. I wish I hadn't have though; the sleep was the beginning of a new nightmare.

As I walked through the halls, trying to ignore th torment, my books were slammed to the ground. I looked up at the culprit. Of course, it was Jesse. "Oops! Looks like I knocked down dyke's books!" I fought back the tears. I scrambled over my books, slowly picking them up. "That is why I dumped her," Jesse announced to the hallway, "because I can't date a lesbian!" The hallway roars with laughter. The tears fell and I jostled down the hallway. I opened a random door and stepped in. I sast down on the ground and sobbed. It was so dark, I couldn't see anything. Then, BOOM. A window appeared. Thunder boomed and lightning crashed behind the window. Bloodred shadows began to tug on my ankles. I pulled at my restraints, trying to scramble away. But they pulled me back to my origanal sitting position. I turned my head side to side, looking for a way to get away from my number one biggest fear- storms. I heard a whisper. Yet it was so loud, I was sure the entire school could hear it. "My dear Jayna. You think rebelling agaisnt your restraints will help? No. I have a message for you, from your-"the voice laughed, " 'boo', Louis. Well, from his mind. He doesn't really love you. I mean, who could love you? You got rid of a perfect life! You could've become so much more, my dear. So much more. But you can't love him anyways! Lesbians only like girls. He doesn't, and never will love you." As this voice spoke, the shadows grew tighter, and crawled up me, nearing my neck closely. "You're fat, ugly, stupid, and irrelevant. Good luck- in hell." Right then the shadows squeezed around my neck, slowly choking me, as the voice chuckled, watching the life drain out of me.

Louis' P.O.V

I jumped, hearing a scream that jolted me awake. Jayna was the culprit, yet she was still asleep. She fell off the bed, spazzing around as she cried. I jumped off the bed, and took her in my arms, shaking her awake.

"Love, come on, wake up. Wake up. Please Jayna!" Suddenley Jayna jolted awake. "Louis," she cried. I rocked her back and forth, kissing her hair. "Do you love me?" Jayna asked all of the sudden, looking up at me. I gave her a weak smile. I wiped her tears away with my thumbs, and pushed her hair back,looking into her beautiful eyes. "Awh, boo. Of course I do. I promise," I said holding her close. She pushed me away. I frowned, a confused look on my face.

She smiles a tiny smile, and whispers, "Pinky promise?" She held out her pinky to me.

I grin, wrapping my pinky around hers. 

"Pinky promise."



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