Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Jayna Coleman met her true love- Over Skype? Jayna was a two-faced girl looking for love. But when she accidentally types in the wrong Skype name, and she writes to Louis Tomlinson, her world turns upside-down. Could world famous teenage heartthrob love this pretty, preppy, sweet, yet small town insecure girl? Who knew miracles could actually happen? Can Louis love Jayna's dark side?


11. Here Goes Nothing

Louis' P.O.V

I had to do something about Jana. Last night was our last concert, and it was in Atlanta. I looked it up, and Birmingham was only an hour and a half away, only half an hour by plane.

I lied to Jayna; it wasn't Harry who texted her that, it was me. I was going to meet her. Somebody needed to comfort her. I decided to leave at about one-thirty, so I'd be there at like two-thirty. I took the plane, and ended up sitting by a directioner. I was bombarded with questions. I swear, that child gave me everything to sign for her. Her album, three One Direction shirts, a book, a napkin, a piece of paper, a picture, plus more. Finally we arrived at Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport.

I quickly got off with my carry on (my bags went home with Harry to be put in my flat), sneaking out of the airport without even one fan noticing me. I took a cab, and was able to get to her house. I gave the man twenty American dollars, and looked out at her home. I picked up my bag, and set it on her porch as I rang her doorbell.

I had gotten her address by finding out her friend's number, and Zach gladly told me where it was; saying Jayna would be glad to see me.

Here goes nothing.

She answered, with a shocked look on her face. "Jayna?" I asked. She was one word- stunning. The way her long black hair cascaded down her back in a loose braid. Her sparkling grey eyes. Her perfect curves. The way she was so short compared to me. I loved every part about her. But I soon noticed the dark circles under her eyes, and her pale skin. Plus a small cut on her face. What was wrong? Jayna looked closer at me. "Louis?" She whispered. I smiled, and took her in my arms, spinning her around. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist as she squealed with delight. I chuckled and set her down. I tried to, but I couldn't hold back my smile, sending a goofy grin on my face.

"It's you!It's you! I had no clue you were coming!" She cried. I pulled her into a hug, and she squeezed my torso. When she pulled away, I joked, "You seemed so much taller on Skype." "Shut up Lou!"

I suddenly noticed her arm. Blood. I ran inside her home with my bag, shutting the door behind me. "Louis, what are you-" I interuppt her by picking her up as she screams and attempts to kick me. "Let me go!" I carry her to what I guess is her room. Shattered glass covers the floor. I sat on the bed, and held her in my arms.

"Why Jayna?" I cried. She looks at me. "Why what?"

"WHY THE FUCK DID YOU HURT YOURSELF?!" I scream. She began to cry into my chest. "Nobady likes me.. I tried to kill myself. I just need somebody Louis. I have nobody," Jana sobbed.

"I'm so sorry, Jayna," I whispered, "-let's get you fixed up." She nodded and sniffed. I picked her up again, and carried her to the bathroom, where I decided I would clean up her four deep, bleeding wounds.

I set her on the counter top in her bathroom, and searched in the cabinet for alcohol, a rag, and some gauze. I get the things and set them next to her. I pour the alcohol on the rag and say to her, "Uhm, this might, er, hurt o-okay?" She nodded, biting her lip. Why was I stuttering so much? Was I nervous?

I press the rag to her first wound, and she yelps out in pain, retracting her arm from my grasp. "Jayna! I warned you, now come on, let me see it." She pouts, but sticks it back out to me. After a lot of cursing and yelling from her, I had finshed her arm and wrapped the gauze around it.

"I'm, just, er, gonna d-do your face now, ok-kay?" I stuttered. Being so close to her made my heart pound. I wiped the rag across her face, the two of us eye level. Jayna stared straight into mine, and I did the same to her. I slowly dropped the rag as she moved her face closer to mine. This is it, I thought. I'm going to make her mine. I moved closer to her, my lips barely touching hers.

"Tease," Jayna mumbled, slowly pressing her lips to mine. Within just a second, my phone went off, cauusing her to pull away. Who the bloody hell just interuppted?


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