Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Jayna Coleman met her true love- Over Skype? Jayna was a two-faced girl looking for love. But when she accidentally types in the wrong Skype name, and she writes to Louis Tomlinson, her world turns upside-down. Could world famous teenage heartthrob love this pretty, preppy, sweet, yet small town insecure girl? Who knew miracles could actually happen? Can Louis love Jayna's dark side?


19. Con's And Pro's

Jayna's  P.O.V

I woke up, feeling something warm agaisnt m back. I looked over my shoulder sleepily to find Louis. I smiled, and flipped my body over so I was hugging his chest.

"Morning, love," Louis mumbled, groggily opening his eyes. "Good morning," I yawned. "What time is it?" Louis groaned. "Well somebody's grumpy," I laughed, flopping over to check my alarm clock. "Ten in the morning," I shrugged. Louis sat up and wiped his eyes. "So," he started. "So...?" I said.

"What, uh, what was last night, er, about?" Louis asked.

Last night... Oh god. Why did I ask him? Why did I make him pinky promise he loved me?! Hell, I know I was scared, but seriously! I'm not smart. After I made him pinky promise, he held me for an hour or so while I cried into his chest. He kissed my head and stroked my hair and held my hand, and everything he could to comfort me. Louis was flawless. His blue green eyes. That messy brunnette hair. The way he smiled with his teeth, his cute laugh, tan skin, muscles, how he was so funny and-

"Jayna, I'd like a response." Oh yeah. That was another thing. His sassiness.

"W-what do you mean L-Lou?" I stuttered. "You, uh, you know what I'm talking about."

"Oh about, er, that love thing.. Can we please talk about it later?...."

"We already held it off! Jayna, I have to leave soon!" "It's okay. "Since we don't have that long, why don't we get up and actually go somewhere?" "Sure," Louis laughed.


After Louis and I got dressed (and he fixed my arm up again), I borrowed Brody's car and we decided to go to Hoover, to The Riverchase Galleria. I dragged him around to all the stores, yet we bought nothing. It was still really fun. We bought an ice cream, and he "accidentally" smeared some on my nose. So I "accidentally" put some on his cheek. Then we started to fight, and in the end, he won, on the ground, sitting on my waist, my arms above my head. It was fun. Until a group of girls walking out of the temporary 1D World set up in Claire's noticed us.

We ran back to the car, and I hopped in the drivers seat. I quickly pulled out of the parking deck, and onto the street.

"Well that was fun," Louis breathed. I laughed,"That must be a normal thing to you, isn't it?" Louis shrugged. "You get used to it, I guess." I drove a little ways down the road, and pulled into the Vestavia Hills Shopping Center. "I always forget," I said. I parked in the Rave Motion Pictures parking lot, so we could see a movie. "Forget what?" Louis asked.

"That you're famous. You're just like a normal person. Well, besides the fact you have a British accent and we're smack dab in the middle of Alabama."

"So you don't like my accent? Should I do a Southern one?" Louis said in a fake stereotypical Southern accent. "Yup. But remember, say y'all and ain't a load."

"Y'all, I ain't doing that!" I laughed, "Not like that!"

We left the car and bought our tickets, watching a film I forgot the name of. I didn't need to know the name, anyways. I was focusing more on Louis.

I need to figure out if I love him or not. I decided to do Pro's and Con's in my head.


Behind his beauty I thought about earlier, he was a great person inside too. He was funny. Louis cracked jokes all the time! I thought about all the times he'd made me laugh while we had Skyped. Another Pro- he was sweet. He comforted me when I was sad. So three Pro's (including how 'cute' he was).


Louis had a bad temper. I learned that when I made the mistake of texting him while Eleanor had his phone. He was famous. I don't know if I could take the hate and the paparazzi. Louis had four  friends I had never met! What if I didn't like them? What if they hated me? And last, he's so overprotective. He babied me when he fixed up my arm. So...four Con's. Over... three Pro's.


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