Who? Me


1. Who? Me


At many times blurry visions glaze over my peripheral vision, giving me sights of my past, future & present. Knowing I should have listened is reminding me of what could go missing. Maybe I should have sat at the front of class but stupidly I never found it appealing, instead I was hiding at the back of the school building, testing the pear pressure's of smoking. It wasn't wise of me starting fights & being provoking, then also not having a clue what my actions may be causing. Those who cared enough I pushed them away without warning. Eventually when the tides turned against me I hid it well but I was holding on desperately, & being alone I turned to gaining comfort through negativity. I became my own enemy & nobody could tell me anything new about me, thinking I was at my height of superiority, I broke every promise to myself with consistency. Despite falling rapidly with my soul diminishing slowly, a small part of me wanted something better for me.  I eradicated things that weren't constructive for me & started to obtain knowledge through things I never thought I'd see. Promises I once made I started to achieve them now with clarity. My fear of looking in mirror with what I see now wont get the best of me. I look at my dreams with a smile knowing if pray hard enough I may be able to see. I've made mistakes and I take blame for them all completely also the lessons I've learnt I pray I never forget them regrettably. I'm starting to get a clear picture to who am supposed to be, a far cry from  the person I once wanted to be. Written by Ali AJ Jamal ©

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