A Women


1. A Women


A women is not what I think I am she is so much more, A women has a heart so delicate that once captured it has to be nothing but adored. It can and will take so much pain & without feeling at all conformed. She was created to birth a male or female and her strength is still untold. Its only correct to compare her to a hand full diamonds or pearls, not just silver or gold. They range from a sister, mother to a grandmother who is never to old. Her actions filled with passion but yet are also bold, & when your at your lowest there always available for you to consult with or just hold. Respect a women as soon we learn to talk we are told, but over time we forget our morals & treat them so cold. Its amazing that they have something called female intuition, an ability tried & tested when a women is also on a mission. She can put her feelings aside to focus on what's important & also listen. Bring the best out of a man if he's lost or missing. There so much about a women but lets just refer to them as a blessing. Its easily implemented for a women to be always giving, because her heart is to what she's listening, then her mind is on route also following, which makes her action full of care & loving. The difference between a girl & women is the knowing, knowing what's right right & wrong without confirming. Helping the helpless without expecting or wanting. In a world full of thoughts & opinions she listens to one voice her heart when questioning. A women's world is simple because its feeling, while others in a world of unnecessary thinking. So if we can learn from a women anything, it would be the ability to be so forgiving. Written by Ali AJ Jamal ©

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