Back For You

Riley a 17 year old girl is having her birthday in a couple weeks and decided to invite her 1st cousin: Ed Sheeran. Ed is friends with 1D and decides to invite them. Little does Riley know that her true love Harry Styles, who broke her heart 2 years ago is in the 1D boyband.


10. What?

Harrys POV

I opened my eyes to see Riley. Damn was she beautiful, even when she slept. Her hair was perfectly messy and her eyelashes were so long.She had perfect skin, her long arms stretched across me. And she slept so quitely. Today was her birthday. I checked her alarm clock it's 6:30AM. I got up and tiptoed past her mums room and down the stairs. I looked in the cupboards and saw pancake mix. Ehh I was to lazy to make them homemade. I got 4 eggs out. 1 for Riley, 1 for her mum, 2 for me. I took my headphones out and plugged them into my phone and listened to my music while I was cooking. * Time skip to 7:01AM* After everything was done I set the sausage,pancakes,eggs,wafffles,and fresh fruit on the table. I set the tabe nice and neat. " I'll be coming Back For You back for you, back for you..." I say whispering to no one as I sat on the couch.

Rileys POV

I woke up cold, Harrys warmth was gone. I smelt something delicious though. I looked in my closet, what should I wear? Hmm. I found a flowy blue tanktop and some black ripped shorts with my blue toms. I went into MY PERSONAL OWN VERY OWN BATHROOM. And hopped into the shower, which took me 5 mins. After the shower I put my clothes on, and dried my hair. I put on my daily make-up: eyeliner and mascara. I then curled my hair and curled my sidebangs.I walked out of my room and tiptoed down the stairs. Oh my gosh. The table! It had food on it and yummy food! Not my mums burnt food! I looked at the couch to see Harry sleeping. I walked over to him and layed down next to him.

Harrys POV

I wasnt really sleeping. I just wanted to stay like this,with Riley.Part of me wanted to jump up and scare her, so I did. AHHH!" I say scaring her." HOLY! EEEK!' She says jumping up. I laughed. "Not funny" she whined." Your right, it's hilarious!" I say laughing even more. " Happy Birthday, Riley I love you" I say grabbing her by the waist nd pulling her in for a kiss. "Nope" she said pushing away. " You scared me" she spoke. I rolled my eyes.

Jeans POV

I heard laughter and screaming coming from downstairs.So I decided to go down. " harry!!!!" I exclaim. Yes Mrs.James" He said politely. You shouldnt have!" I say looking at all the food." Oh but i did, it's my baby's birthday" He says looking at Riley. I could tell Riley blushed. RINGGG DINNGGG DONNG ( <- Ahahaha) The door bell rang. I'lll get it, you guys can start eating" Harry said getting up and getting the door.

Harrys POV

I opened the door and saw Liam.. " Dude not now" I whined closing the door and walking outside. "Paul is furious" Liam said." Errr. Im sorry but Riley.. I cant come today, It's her birthday!" I say looking at the other lads in the car."Harry!? Were doing a signing right now! Liam raised his voice. "Tell the fans, Im sorry" I say." Harry, your risking your career on some girl!" Liam said. " Shes not some girl! Shes my everything! I've been through hell,, just to see her face! Listen Liam, i love her, with all of my heart, and I cant let her get away from me, AGAIN!" I say screaming.
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